First grow tobacco mosaic (I must be blessed!)

Letting them all finish then cleaning both tents and starting the next grow. Only thing is I don’t know how I got it and wonder if blunts paper roaches in ashtrays is the reason? Oh well I will just clean thoroughly after these finish and hope for the best next grow.


Well , your not blessed, this IS a virus and it can and will spread to your other plants.
I had this on one of my plants (outdoor soil grow), It comes from many different sources, bugs, other plants etc.
I removed the infected leaves and my plant was ok, but not entirely Right after that. If caught early you may be able to salvage the plant or it Will get out of control and do severe damage to the plant.


Yep kill it kill it kill it . And then pull everything out of your tent and sterilize that thing . It will ruin all your plants

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@Oldstoner @FyshhTrap it is already on all my plants so no more damage can me done. I am not growing new plants until I sterilize everything. I am not killing any plants, I want to harvest first.


Bummer sorry to hear that hope it works out for you.

God doesn’t give you more than you can handle therefore I must be blessed given it’s my first grow and have had issues some people never experience.