First grow to take hold!

you want them as dry as u can get before u jar them. stems should be dry enough to snap and not bend. even then u will need to burp the jars. even woth fresh dried buds there will still be some moisture in the buds which can cause mold if you dont burp your jars or ensure fully dried buds.

All the info you should need right here


Don’t dry them too much though, if the buds get under 55RH, a lot of the terpenes will evaporate off, better to get them in jars or containers a little moist with a hygrometer and see what they stabilize at after 12 or 24 hours. Then open containers daily for 5-10 minutes to drive off a little moisture until your buds are around 60-62RH, then just a quick burp of the containers for another week, unless using Grove bags, then just get buds to 60- 62RH and then place in the bags, no burping needed.


Can this be done in plastic Tupperware? Or does it have to be glass jars? I only ask to be able to put 1 hygrometer in the Tupperware with the bud curing and once its at a RH of 60%, I can put into jars then. Make sense

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Tupperware is fine for that purpose and what I used before moving to CVaults, yes best to move to glass jars or grove bags after stabilized near 60RH, don’t want to store long term in plastic.


Thank you

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How would you recommend cleaning my grow tent and fans

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Spray & wipe the tent walls and floor with a peroxide/water mix about 1:5 ratio, a little bleach in water will work as well if no peroxide. Remove the fan grill (usually a screw or 2 holding it in place) and wipe the dust off the fan blades (front and back) as best as you can.

I blow my fans out with an air gun if you have a compressor

So I took down some of my first grow. It was a lil nerve wrecking as I’m not 100% sure it was time to come down, but I did see lots of cloudy trichs and many amber ones so I think I’m ok. They’re just hanging out drying and can’t wait to play with them some more. Thanks for everyone’s help. I don’t think I would have come so far if it wasn’t for this community. Much love, thanks again.


I chopped up one of the two I’ve had hanging in my laundry room. I got a lil over an oz and the smell is amazing. I put into a mason jar but humidity rises to about 70%. Gonna leave it a few more days to air dry and start the cure.


congrats! great looking nugs!

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Thanks bud. Considering all that went wrong and lack of experience to say the least, I don’t think it went to badly. My only complaint would be the harvest weight, but hopefully that will all change now with a proper light (HLG 600R) that I have added for my next grow. I also added more perlite to my soil so it would dry faster and I could feed more frequently. Hopefully with those 2 upgrades I’ll have a much bigger harvest this go.

Everyone who has helped me, whether it be directly by answering some of my questions, or Indirectly by posting in your journals, and I’ve come across some really informative threads, and letting me read. Thanks again. Believe me when I tell you I’m am not done with awesome hobby. Ohh and ill be asking many more questions as I grow.


The last two plant i have from my first grow. All sugar leaves are still pretty green and looking healthy. Were at week 16 so I expect the plant to start eating any leaves that remain. The smaller one in fro t is my Gorilla glue and the one in the back is 1 of 2 zkittles that didn’t hermie. The zkittles Plant is so fruity smelling. The best in my bunch honestly, can’t wait to harvest her.

Do the fan leaves always get eaten up before harvest time? Is that like a true sign plants are at the end of their life? Just wondering wasn’t sure. These babies are so frosty but the buds still look small, and leaves are nice and healthy looking green.

Nope. Not always. Phenos are gonna pheno. Never count on it.

But if you’re going to start cutting clones, than the clones you take will [more than likely] grow and harvest the same way with each generation.

oh god no. If anyone tells you that there is “a true sign that plants are at the end of their life”, turn your back on them. They are a charlatan and a ne’er do well.

it’s. so. good!


Oops! I’ve been waiting for the fan leave to yellow. I think im still in a good window but definitely need to check them in the am.

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Put the last 2 plants i to darkness for the next 48 hrs. Trichs were mostly cloudy, expecting them to amber a bit during the dry and cure.


The last of my first grow to take holds harvest. It was an amazing journey to get these results. Lots of time, reading, and money to be able to successfully achieve my goal. Now that the investment has been made I will continue to produce great buds. Thanks everyone!


Well done and congratulations on a primo harvest my friend.