First grow to leggy or am I just overthinking it?

Hi everyone! First time to post. I am working on my first grow. I purchased a VIPARSPECTRA Newest Dimmable 1000W and per its recommendations i had it about 24-28 inches (with a 12-12 schedule) over my freshly planted seedlings. after several days I was noticing really long leggy stocks and so when doing research I found my light needs to be closer… so I switched over to 2x 60W CF (daylight) bulbs and put them about 4-6 inches over the top of the leaf. I am at about day 7 from when i put them in the dirt (germinated on paper towels); Purple is about 3 inches tall; Dream Berry is about 2 1/2"; I did introduce a USB Fan to give them slight breeze yesterday. Should i keep on CF light for another week? or switch back to LED Grow light? Looking for any advice.

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Looks leggy to me. Maybe move the light a little closer or increase the dimmer.

I switched from the LED Light at 24" to a 2x CF Bulb about 4-5 inches about 3 days ago. the first few days with the LED I was only on 12-12. with CF I went to 24 schedule. Today i was going to switch down to 18-6

Sorry I’ve never used the Cf bulbs. I used my vipar throughout. But if its leggy you could prop it up with a popsicle stick or skewer. Just needs more light

Definetely too much stretch. Take an empty black container and cut it in half. Take that half and put it around your leggy seedling. Gently add dirt to shorten stem. Buried stem now becomes part of root system. You’ll need to lower your lights though.

Too much stretch… not what enough light…

Thanks for the feedback! Any recommendations on LED light height? the VIPARSPECTRA manual recommended for seedling/young veg 12-12 schedule; 26-30"; 60% Veg/30% Bloom. That is what caused my issue i think. I will move to a 18-6 schedule. how much closer?

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And here’s something might help.


24hrs-on for first 3 weeks.

18/6 for Vegetative stage. Usually 2-3 Months

12/12 for Flowering stage. Usually 2 Months

Last 4 Days total Darkness before Harvest. For extra Bud Resin.
3-Months=90 Days
4-Months=120 Days
5-Months=150 Days
6-Months=180 Days
7-Months=210 Days