First Grow Timeline/fox tailing Inquiry

Hello everyone,

First time grower, White Widow auto, 3 gallon fabric pot, fox farm soil and nutes trio. 10 weeks from seedling popping out.

Everyone helped immensely in relieving my stress in my first post, so I wanted to reach out again regarding some inquiries.

If anyone with more experience could help me gauge when I should expect to be harvesting as I need to start prepping my dry space and getting supplies. The trichome photo was taken several days before the main photo taken today. I don’t see any amber yet and from my understanding when I see 10-15% amber I should be looking to chop?

Also I’ve read some info regarding fox tailing but still not sure I’m able to identify it and whether or not it matters or is expected with ILGM WW autos. It’s been crazy hot in my area the last week so I’m curious.

Any insights from more experienced growers will be greatly appreciated.

Hey @MarkM , Thats looking really good.
Still a young bus and a few weeks left. Typical flowering time (9 or 10 weeks) doesn’t count time from seedling to start of flowering which can be 4 -6 weeks on average for an autoflower.
No foxtailing at all. I will find a pic to show you what it looks like…

Extreme example

Milder more normally what you see.


ILGM states on their website for white widow auto that grow time (all autos on the website show “grow time” not “flower time” as the photoperiods do) is 10-14 weeks! I have one growing myself and it is 9 weeks old yesterday, 5 weeks in flower and I think ( noob here ) I’m still looking at around 3-4 weeks. I’ve been watching the trichomes and checking almost everyday this past week. Not that I expect it to be done but to get more familiar with the state of the trichomes. Again I’m a noob but I’d say you can expect around the same 3-4 weeks! Good luck :+1:t2:

Also maybe it’s a typo on the “grow time” vs “flower time difference on the website? Either way got to wait it out :joy::man_shrugging:


Good info @DarhkGrows ,
The bottom line is you have to learn to tell for yourself when the plant is ready.
There is something in us that hates waiting and maybe we think its gonna go bad on us.
The ratio of those who waited too long vs those who chopped too early is 1 to 999.
Any plant can mature fast or slow. If someone ever develops a plant that will 100% be done in a stated number of days he will be rich beyond the dreams of avarice.


I have grown a few WWA. They all took around 100 + - days. This was indoors so not sure how outside conditions might affect the time.

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That second pic of flower Norman put up is what you are looking for in a mature plant: you can use that as a reference.


Thanks so much everyone. I had went to Nashville for 4 days. When I got back my plant was plumped up and half her pistils were amber. I guess I got a little antsy. Good to know I have some time left.