First Grow, time to harvest?

Gorilla Glue Autoflower.

Toward the end of our first grow. Tomorrow is the end of 8 weeks of flowering.

I started flushing 2 weeks ago (only water for 2 weeks). I was thinking we were going to harvest tomorrow but now I am not sure.

I was expecting to see more amber trichomes right now and not as much clear. Was wanting to harvest with about 15% amber trichomes from what I have read.

I really wish now that I did not start flushing when I did. Next time I will only plan on a week of flushing but need to better gauge when to start that.

The trichomes photos are from the one plant in the front left in the tent from different bud sites.

So the question is: From what you all can see in the photos, what do you think? Should we wait? Harvest?

I let them get a high percentage of red. If you start seeing brown harvest. I have had great results with that. From what I’ve read, too much brown makes it sleepy weed. Just harvested a White Widow Auto, mostly red. WOW! :heart_eyes: Got 2 more getting there. Don’t flush much either. Just a couple fresh water waterings.


Found this on another post.


May be at beginning of window. Still a lot of clear to slightly cloudy and maybe quite a few white hairs left. Of course it is easy to sit here and tell you to wait when I would likely have smoked it all already. LOL

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The white hairs are kind of new. They started coming in again last week. I read that basically they were fattening up some. I am thinking more cloudy too.

Ok here’s my two cents. When you go more than two weeks past the breeders date of harvest almost always in autoflowers they produce a few nanners then seed and the potency from that point forward does not increase.

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You GG is looking GREAT!!!

From the closeups you took, you probably have at least another couple of weeks to go. Towards the “end” of a grow (and each plant is unique - even in the same strain), I shoot a 2,000x closeup photo of the main cola and at leas one bud. Try to avoid photographing the leaves - get to the bud itself. I then edit the photo showing the strain (in your case GG) the week #since germination, and whether main cola or bud. I then compare the photo’s over the past 3/4 weeks of the grow to “teach me” how mature my plants are.

Always remember - Growing is learning!!!



Do you have any empirical evidence to support this or a place I can read up on this? Not saying you’re wrong but I have never heard of this before…

@TAG looks like nice bud! I would wait longer for sure… Few more weeks at least.

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@SurferDude @Dankloud Thanks guys. It seems like the trichomes were cloudier before and seeing more clear now but I could just be mistaken.

And seems like I can’t really get a good shot of the trichomes on the bud itself, just the sugar leaves.

If I were to let them go a couple of more weeks, should I give them some nutrients? They haven’t had anything but water the last 2 weeks.

Thanks again!

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IDK what you mean by nutrients. I only use organic “nutes” to avoid salt build up. Late in a grow, I only add CalMag, & SLF100 and adjust PH to 6.2 to 6.7 - I do this even during an “extended” grow (to increase tri-chomes).


Oh. Here is the camera I use for close ups. Connects to a cell phone:

Wireless Digital Microscope Handheld USB HD Inspection Camera 50x-1000x Magnification with Stand Compatible with iPhone, i...


I can’t comment on if you should give nutrients, but I can share your frustration with trying to get bud pictures lol. Try and minimize wind and try to be as steady as you can. Take some getting uses to using a loupe or microscope.

@SurferDude Nutrients, the fox farms trio. Started in Fox Farms Ocean Forest and just watered for about a month. Then started to see some yellowing and started using the trio every other watering. Later on I started adding cal mag to it. But like I said only water the last 2 weeks.

I almost got that microscope but ended up getting one that is a lens that goes over my phone. That is what I used for those photos.

@Dankloud I know it. That magnified hard to hold it still.

? Nope, just experience. They almost all hermi when you go too long or wait till amber in strains like White Widow Auto.

I have the same magnifier. Great product. Just wish it had a stabilizer option. Man it’s hard getting pics. I’m also having trouble with having them save to my phone. I click for a pic but it don’t save. Hmmmm

FM: I use a tripod to hold mine during photo sessions.

Bontend Flexible Tripod with iPhone and Smartphone Holder - A Light Camera Stand for DSLR, SLR - Free Gopro Mount

Is is a bontend tripod you can use cable clamps to fasten the camera to the tripod for photo shoots. I have purchased two of them in the past six months. Works great - about US$35.


Thanks I’ll have to look into that. I’ve also heard of some people cutting off pieces of bud to put in the little window thing at the tip. Just worried I would harm them doing that.