First grow thrichome help

First time growing should I start flushing?
I would like a semi couch lock

It’s up to you, but I don’t see any amber in there might need lil more. You want more amber for couch lock

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Someone else might b better I haven’t even started yet​:thinking::cry::cry::cry:

It’s a bit early, if you decide to flush. I recommend waiting until you see a bit of amber, and note the number of days you start at. This is so you can change it on the next grow, if you want.

The more amber, the more couch lock you’ll have. I like to get about 75% amber, before harvest, and that would be a few more weeks.

I want to recommend another thread to you, as I personally don’t “final flush” ever, and think it’s a step that’s not required if you feed properly.

Very nice frost on her, by the way!

Good luck, and happy growing :slight_smile:


What strain and what week of flower are you in? I have plants that ar covered but thwy are longer flowering strains so you can have clear trichs for a while depending. But I would wait another week before flushing or start weining her down atleast until you see slight amber showing then take her off nutes completely. Looks good though!

See some straight white pistils too so you may have a couple more weeks until tou get that couchlock you are looking for.

Just my 2 cents no amber that i can see but almost all cloudy so check her once a week

Start extending your dark period by 1 hour until 10/14 should help her finish and ripen sooner .

looks to me like you still have about 3 weeks to go man.