First grow tent plants

Does anyone think I should get rid of some branches from below to get some nice colas or do nothing. On 3 weeks flowering but not seeing what I thought I would see by now.

In as crowded as a grow as you have, and around two weeks or so, after stretch has slowed, I would go ahead and tactically select most of the undergrowth for pruning.

You can see where the tops are, the ones that are getting full light. Be careful not to cut their main stem, select for an even full canopy of tops getting full light. Most anything a few nodes down, any small underdeveloped off-shoots, and even a lot of the large fan leaves at the bottom not getting enough light can all go, especially in a grow like yours with no side lighting.

thanks a lot, I have a hard time figuring out what to get rid of. I know it is necessary, but novice skills frighten me.
Question for you. I have another tent ready to be put up, so crowding will not be an issue. Any suggestions for the other tent usage?

I did prune them. Does it look ok, or did I mess it up. or do more.

Another option is to add a side lamp to grow the under - canopy. Everyone always wants to chop off leaves and branches. Why not give them light? They will generate just as much as the top canopy, if you light them up. :slight_smile:

Another option would be to gently bend the top canopy out of the way, and create light space for the under canopy/

is that two plants in those buckets

yes it is. wasn’t sure if either were going to take off. too late now.

thanks. I may add a cfl to them or maybe my 2 ft t5 germinating light

That looks like a good job, not overly aggressive, it is kind of an art form and certainly a on hands learning curve to it.

Combing any or all of these techniques – the low stress training, super cropping/high stress training to bend taller tops, trellising/SrcOGing, side lighting/under lighting, can help increase yeild. Most people settle into their own personal hybrid of many or all of these various techniques. And there are even many more techniques and pruning techniques that I could never even begin to cover here, lol. Just like each type of light has strengths and weakness, so do the various types of techniques. In the end it is what works best for you and you’ll learn more as you go.