First Grow Tent Heat Issues

Heres the girls getting adjusted to me almost frying them too high DLI’s but now all is good down in the basement.

YES I AM BRAGGING! Here the perfect joint I rolled I am shocked with my hands and thumbs,fingers all narled up with OA artiuhsis amazed because the fun part is this "in the middle of rolling one finger or thumb will lock up not moving until I drop everything and use my other hand to unlock it. Haha


It amazes me how much growth can happen in one day.

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I am going to take this one to harvest providing the “perfect conditions” in regards to temp and humidity and see what kind of yields it provides compared to last harvest where I just kind of let the closet do it’s thing.

Got my Mephisto seeds super fast. Got these soaking for hopefully a planting tomorrow night.

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It says 3, but I got 4. Sweet!

I’ve grown a couple of the double grape, IMHO you won’t be disappointed!

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Double Grape @ day 55.

Half of my Blueberry harvest.

@Nicky @OGIncognito now that Blue Dream is flowering can I switch both of my plants back to 18/6? Will light cycle affect yield like that?


I’ve done it several times with no ill effects :love_you_gesture:

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Most likely yes… Some plants will not like it and they will end up with a reveg or really sorry leafy buds. There is no way to tell for sure tbh.

What are your DLI levels at 12hr of light?

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I’m not sure about DLI. Do I use Photone to track that?

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I’ve got an SF2000 in a 2x2 so I figured that should be enough coverage wherever they are sitting.

Yes use the app. Take an average.

It’s not just the light, it’s the height/distance from canopy, the power rating (your dial), size of tent, reflection of surfaces, etc.

Fair enough. I have that on my phone already, so I will check it when I get home. What is the sweet spot?

I’m looking at anywhere from 400 to 1400 PPFD throughout the tent at my canopies.

Switch to DLI get an average.

You want 60 DLI max and ride that till mid flower then drop down to 40.

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Hi there I was just wondering :thinking:Do you use a chiller? If so, what HP?