First Grow Tent Heat Issues

I have a 2x2x5 Spider Farmer grow tent. I currently have 2 SF1000s and a 65 watt CREE lamp. I’m having some major heat issues currently (like 90-100). So, a couple of questions: is that too much light? Also, if not, how do I get the temp down to where it needs to be? I currently have a carbon filter and exhaust fan set up, but I am not sure if I have it set up right. Any other info, just ask. Things were a lot easier in my basement closet. :joy: @Hellraiser @Covertgrower

What size fan for the space, and intake should be placed at the top of the tent, to exhaust heat out.

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Are you having any fans in the tent for airflow. Help cool some also negaitive pressure in tent. Exhaust fan good passive vent open draws out heat. My 4x4x7 foot tent got hotter with my new light made adjustment 77-79 temps now

The fan is a 4" inline fan with 200 CFM.

@dbrn32 is the lighting guy around here, IMHO. As far as your temps, what is the ambient temp in the room your tent is in? Sounds like you need to a) open up the vents to allow more air in and b) turn up the speed on your exhaust fan so it pulls more air through the tent, in turn bringing the temp down. Can you rig a fan to blow down on the lights to help dissipate the heat?

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Yeah, sorry. I have two 4" clip fans (one on the back and one on the front) right over the lights.

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That’s what I mean. The instructions with the tent were…not great. I have no idea what I am supposed to do with this thing. When you say vents, you mean the squares at the bottom of the tent? I noticed those last night before bed but I figured I would mess with them when I got home today. The seeds are still germinating, so I do not have anything living in the tent currently. That’s why I am trying to get everything ready before this weekend. I also have two clip fans faced down on the lights.

When you say intake, do you mean the ducting coming out of the fan? I have my fan and filter as high up as it will go, since I figured that was the way to go. This sucks. I spent all last year learning how to grow in a closet and now I am having to be the clueless noob all over again.

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Yes, the rectangular flaps at the bottom or you can even open up the round ports that you would run your duct hose through. Since hot air rises, it’s best to exhaust the air from the top of the tent and pull in the fresh, cooler air at the bottom. Sounds like you’re already heading in the right direction with the clip fans, good work. Oh, you can always adjust the amount of airflow through the tent by opening/closing your vents at the bottom. It may take a little fine tuning but you’ll get it!


Intake/filter should be at the top of the tent, and the bottom tent flaps should be open also. After that, you may need a larger fan, for more airflow.

What are the temperatures in the room outside of the tent? Ambient temps incoming make a difference also.

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I have three fans one a tower fan on high , two clipon blows on plant ,three small tower fan rotates airflow. My new added heat thats took me a week or two to adjust 80 -110 temps killed my seedlngs.

Sounds like a few issues here.

  1. You need a way to introduce fresh air as your exhaust removes air. This why everyone is suggesting open passive vents at bottom of tent. You will probably want to build a light trap or use duct in one of the collapsible ports.

  2. 4" fan may have cfm reduced too much by filter.

  3. Probably more light than you need for 2x2 floor space. The two sf 1000’s should be enough.


jam one of those 4-6" fans in the upper port hole (located of what would be the ceiling of the tent) have the blowing air out of the tent

use another at the very bottom and have that bring air in

4-6" fans arent very powerful and dont usually carry enough cfm to get the job done but if your lucky it can atleast get it into proper range

if not id swap out for 4-6" inline this will most likely easy your issues… ac infinty makes an amazing product that comes with controller included so you can set it and forget it

that being said i hope your able to get back into range without coming out of pocket! best of luck

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Around 68-71, all the time. Could I run duct from an a/c vent into the tent?

I have a 4" inline fan currently. That’s why I am a little confused about the high temps. I am assuming it is a config issue on my end at this point, since I no absolutely nothing about grow tents.

So are we sure it’s not a light issue? 265 watts for that space should be fine?

put the inline at the bottom of the tent lowest hole. draw the coldest air you can find into that port

open enough top ports that when you pump air in the tent doesnt inflate like a balloon, if it does open another port hole all at top

this will allow heat to be pushed out as fast as possible.

then try to play with that setup until you figure something that works best for you

yes your good with that…

are you running drivers on your light inside or outside of the tent?

how many sources of heat can you find? i.e. power strips? drivers?

lots of these items making heat in your mylar tent will cause issues and you can just as easily move them out

Also if you have the lights at full blast, turn them down. Seedlings don’t need that much light to begin with.

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I figured that, but I also wanted to eliminate any heat issue now so I don’t have an issue in veg/flower stages, since the temp can be slightly higher with seedlings than those other two stages.

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