First grow taking all suggestions thank you

Strain; NA

Soil in pots

System type? CFL

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?na


Light system, size? 16 1oo w soft white

Temps; Day 69, Night 61

Humidity; Day50 Night 57
Ventilation system; No

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Add some ventilation its important for your plants

What do you suggest for a small grow like a dear fan or full ventilation? Thank you

Sorry small fan not dear

Like an 18" oscillating fan should be perfect one youd use in a house, no problem

Awesome thanks

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My pleasure

Happy growings good luck


Looks like you might want to warm things up just a little bit.
Those temperatures are more for when your in flowering.
You should try to get into the 65 to 77 range. Soil temperature in your pots should never really get below 65 degrees.
Might want to consider a little infrared supplemental heat.

And you state that your bulbs are CFL soft white… 2700k?
You should try to run daylight for veg, around 6500 k.

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Thanks there in day 7 of flower

Leave your bulbs alone than, in flower they need more red spectrum…

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Any advice for bulb purchase thanks again

Depends on your budget @Kdusc, what are your spending abilities

Congratulations on your grow,and welcome to Ilgm, hope you have a successful harvest

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First grow trying to stay on the Home Depot budget then add as I perfect the craft

Thank you very much

there’s the little more trained one


there’s the bigger lady

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Sidebar anyone that can help me long the cloning process I sure need it

Honestly I wouldn’t change a thing being on a budget until you figure it out @Kdusc they look fantastic. Looks like you have a good handle on them :slight_smile:

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As for cloning I can help, just dont know how to approach with no questions so please feel free to ask if you have questions and I can guide you to success