First grow suppourt needed and apriciated

hi guys
I started this plant in March og kush feminized from this site and it has taken a lot of sweat research, and effort. now is about the length of my forearm and noticed flowering a couple of weeks ago give or take. It’s been slow outdoor grow trying my best to keep it alive and healthy and currently growing just the one to keep it concealed best as possible. had a nitrogen deficiency at the beginning which really slowed the foliage among other little things here and there. growing a plant is not overly complicated for we grow our own peppers, cilantro, onions among other garden herbs. I notice some buds and pistils turned brown with a couple of leaves that have been brown for a while now. I thought it might be rot so I removed the affected areas most were down below from where they initially began to appear so I think they just got old maybe? some trichomes even look amberish in them, but I can’t find more info on them. I turn to you guys for support and advice as I have never grown this plant before. thanks in advance for reading and for the help.

That will need to be answered by someone with more knowledge than me
However this is a concern or possibly one

This too

Have you been over that plant with a fine tooth comb ?
A jewelers loupe could help you inspect it better everywhere …I suspect those brown spots to be rot but I’m not an expert

yea i was wondering what that was I first thought it was some type of rock or mineral because it rained pretty hard yesterday I often find that the leaves have soil all over from raindrop splashing. not sure about the little white spackle though.

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Lol all good just thought it could be a pest !!

not really… like one of those lice combs? I would imagine that would have hurt the plant lol. I thought it would be rot too but doesn’t really look like others I have found, and the plant doesn’t seem to be affected by it?

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since it’s outside I see all kinds of insects but nothing has been alarming yet like a nest or anything. I check on it almost every day lol.

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Nice you kind of have to especially outdoors
But indoors also