First grow. Super skunk feminized

So I am a first time grower with a lot to learn, but some tips from many of you have already helped. I ordered ILGM super skunk feminized and I went back and ordered bruce banner autoflower. Which i will start 2 of whenever the seeds come in. I accidentally killed one of the germinated seeds( either planted with the tail too short or too much water) and another one looks like it’s on it’s way out. Which is fine. I did 6 with the hopes 4 would make it worse case scenario. The germinated seeds were put into soil 12/17/21. I’m going to include some pictures. Any advice/comments, concerns. Open to all of it :slight_smile: (i know the soil is lower than ideal on a couple, i underestimated the amount of dirt to buy)

Light: TS MARS1000(adding another light BLOOMSPECT SS2000 LED Grow Light, Full Spectrum)
Tempature/RH: 72-80F/53-70%humidity.
PH:( not sure waiting on apera ph tester)
SOIL: fox farms ocean forest
I bought ph up and down as well as Recharge
Room size: 3.5x3.5x8
Seeds: ILGM Super Skunk Feminized and ILGM Bruce Banner autoflower
Pots: 3 gallon fabric(i should have done 5)
Light cycle: 24/0 for the next week or so then i was planning to dial back to 20/4
Downloaded the photone app and have the light about 18 inches away and DLI is at 15 at 45%


Everything sounds good and looks good man!
Sorry about the loss of your baby. Seedling stage is the hardest for a of of people.
As new growers we want to mess with them and constantly check up on them when, in reality, the best thing we can do for them is leave them alone!
At this point all the action is happening below the soil line. That tap root is digging it’s way south and dropping lines along the way. It may seem like the pant is stalled but trust - if it’s green, it’s working on it!
You don’t mention nutes in your post. Which in that soil you won’t need for several weeks, but have you decided on a system yet?
Allow me to be the first in your post to recommend Jacks 321.
It doesn’t have to be hard and Jacks makes it about as easy as it can get and still gives awesome results!!
If you haven’t yet, I’d add some Recharge to the plain water you’re giving them now.
Also, if you don’t have a way to check and adjust your water to the proper range just yet, go buy a few gallons of distilled water. It’ll simply take on the Ph f the soil and hopefully, FFOF is in the proper range. Should be as it’s pretty much marketed for the purpose of growing weed. Can’t say I see many tomatoes or cukes in their ads! :joy:
As far as the Recharge goes it can’t hurt to start building and feeding the colonies of microbes it brings to the soil. It’s not a nutrient and most microbes form a symbiotic relationship to the plants and actually help regulate the available nutrients. In effect the plant gets what it needs when it needs it and not too much or too little.Microbes haven’t been around for 450 million years for no reason!
The only issue I can see is where is your fan? And exhaust?
You’re gonna want a gentle breeze NEAR the plants, but not directly on them. This also helps stimulate the plant to grow and promotes stem strength. And you want to get old, stale air out of the equation by using a good exhaust fan. As the plants get larger they’ll consume all the CO2 out of the available air and it needs to be replaced with fresh air.

Maybe a shield to help contain the light concentration…?

Best of Luck to you!!


happy looking seedlings ! :+1:


I have three Bruce Banna females growing one don’t look too good


So when i bought the first seeds i also purchased the fertilizer stuff they sell on here. It did say don’t just use it unless it needs it and to test before use to not add too much when it’s not needed. I will absolutely look into that brand you mentioned though. It’s a bad angle but there is a standing fan that rotates in there. And funny enough the way that closet is there is about a 1” gap at the bottom of the door and the seams of the door. It seems to circulate the air fairly well. That room is my spare bedroom and it stays warm anyway. If i find that the circulation isnt good i can pop the door open and it will do okay- the only thing then is humidity. But my water is included so if i have to leave the shower on for a couple hours to bring the humidity up in that room i can and i can keep the humidity consistent with no issues.


Update after a few days. The super skunks look to be doing pretty good. Have the bruce banner auto’s germinating today. Should be in dirt in a couple days. JACKS 321 coming. Super excited. 12 days since sprout.