First grow, suggestions welcome!

Hi everybody,

New to the site here and new to growing. My girlfriend and I have been medical users for a while now, and found some bag seeds a few months ago. We decided to see what would come of it and were hooked right away. Started with 5 seeds, had 2 males. We now have a full first time grower setup with a 2x4 grow tent, 4in exhaust fan, 2 clamp fans, 1x 120W LED and 1x 50W LED. Currently we are just now starting week 5 of flower (day 29), and I wanted to see what you guys thought. We defoliated twice in veg, and weeks 2 and 4 of flower. Feeding FF nutes at half strength every 2/3 waterings (the other watering is just ph’d tap water). Temps have been pretty consistent at 70-75 lights off and 75-81* lights on and 45-60% humidity. Let me know your thoughts, I can clearly see 3 very different phenos of the strain (Afghani). Our next upgrade will be to replace the 50W LED with something larger, but the buds under that one are looking great so far!!


Look good and healthy, and I think you’re on the right track with getting stronger lighting. Here is my plant as a way to compare since we’re about the same time. This is day 34 of 12/12. I use a cmh 315.


Welcome to the community @BeardedMoose you have done a fine job plants look happy. You mentioned up Grade on lights one HLG 260 V-2 R spec XL would be a great choice for your 2 x 4 space. It will work from start to finish an produce solid buds. Good luck :v::+1:


Welcome to the neighborhood. You picked a great place


Welcome to the community. There looking green and healthy. “HAPPY GROWING”

Awesome first grow. More Lights is the ONLY way to go

@ BeardedMoose Welcome

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That looks awesome! Only the center one of ours did much of a stretch. A quick question on the color of the pistils. Some of them have begun to turn amber after the last defoliation, is that from stress or are the plants just beginning to fatten up?

IMO, they shouldn’t be turning amber already. Mine are all white, so perhaps it is stress? I’m not really sure. Maybe someone will come along with some better knowledge of that.