First grow stories

My first grow was in early 70’s. The strain was Thai from seeds I brought back from Vietnam. I grew a 10x10 room with 13 females in 5 gal pots in soil. The lighting was antique using 4 foot shop lights with 2 40 watt bulbs in each. Had 100 of them. I used the Rosenthal book as my bible and it paid off. I cut them back three times and vegged them for three months. The nodes were a bit far apart but not horrible and the yield was awesome, just short of 4lbs dry weight. Wish I had some of those seeds now! It changed the way my friends looked at weed as they were used to Mexican regs, thats not to say there were not great weed available also occasionally - Panama red really did exist as did Acapulco gold but not with the availability there is now. Being a successful grow it made me a strong advocate for home grown!