First grow starting up do it right I hope!

Hey all loves this site from the moment I found it! Done by people who understand tech let me his say that!

Ok gonna need lots of help as this whole subject is full of different ways of doing things.

I do know we want to see a few pounds per yield overall per room and hope to give all our friends and family who are mostly struggling some good times.

I think the order of my education and solution finding should start first with room dimensions than lights for that room than potential strains then nuts etc…? Or different order?

I’m going to start with light help because I believe across our various rooms and locations 12 feet x 12 feet seems to apply to everything. See you in the light section for now!

12x 12 is a nice area to cover!

If money is no object I’d say 4 hlg 550 v2 rspec!

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Dude u mindread?
I’m actually thinking from Alibaba company called canna u can search them produce similar product cheaper

edit: i cant make another post cause im new so I will post my reply here sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

so that is the usual case, but working in the china import/export scene a bit from the side, I’ve noticed a few companies trying to take notice. I agree 100% in general with what you said, but I am also not familiar with this particular company, but they seem to be trying to produce quality. take a look tell me what you think?
Canna lighting Alibaba (not sure if its against any policy to post a company profile for Q&A but if it is a problem let me know I’ll remove it).

I do know there are a variety of shortcuts that can be problematic, and HLG would be my general fallback but the difference in price is huge. Perhaps I could do part of the room using HLG and part using a Canna version of same thing and see how it goes… Don’t need to blow the bank in 1 shot? I’m still researching but HLG is the expected end point

Careful, I did that a few years ago trying to get double for my money. It’s not the same product at all!!

Their diodes burned the heat sinks that they came with. From anodized black to a copper color (which between us looked legit as fk)

I only got one grow out of them before they completely burned out the diodes on the pcb boards, they caused my grow room to go from a cool 70 degrees to mid 90’s-100 degrees with a portable ac running.

I swapped those out for true hlg 260’s and regained control of the climate. Don’t have to run the portable ac unit I bought, and have run the hlg for a few years now without any issues


We all have a bad habit of using acronyms and usually a new grower doesn’t know what it stands for. Of course, we’re all used to saying HLG. HLG stands for Horticulture Lighting Group.
You can find the HLG 550 v2 here:

I will also say that taking on a 12’x12’ space is a big undertaking, especially for a new grower. You might consider partitioning that down to half its size, or even consider a 4’x4’ tent. It will be much easier on the wallet and a little less stressful managing less plants.