First Grow starting to flower, idea on support

First grow is getting large and some branches are starting to sage a bit. Will this correct itself? IMG_20210817_111716|500x500
or is support needed? What is the best way to provide this?
Growing in coco coir, 15 gallon fabric pots outdoor. Also, any idea of the approximate yeild? Plants are about 7 1/2 tall. Appreciate any response.

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Try to upload again, allow it to full load

You can get an easy up canopy and just use the frame then tie string/wire from frame to sagging branches.
Seen that done a few times and it worked pretty good but kinda depends on how much room you have.

Oh shit dude. Those are beasts! I don’t know what a person does with something like that. You may have to try to figure out how to support some of those branches, but I don’t have a solution off the top of my head.

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Jebuz H Cripes that’s a Christmas tree


Wow! Just Wow! As for your yields… Pounds… Wish I had some ideas for support, but short of building some sort of massive frame and then using clothesline across that, and then fishing line (plant yo-yos?) down from those lines, I got nothing.

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Frame doesn’t have to be massive it’s not supporting very much weight it just needs to be tall enough to do the job and last until you harvest

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Nice plants by the way

Appreciate the responses. Was going to try to use bamboo stakes and tie them together, but getting the whole plant will be tough. Already lost one of the lower branches in a thunderstorm.

My “massive”, I meant tall. You’re right though, something like 10 ft sections of PVC in 5 gallon buckets of sand or concrete would do it. Need 4 or 6 of them likely…

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Now yer talkin that’s a great idea

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I’m guessing you got fence all around. You could run rope, or some kind of line, along the outside of the plants in a line. You would run it on both sides of the plants.

Then you could add sticks or light stakes, pvc would work well, between the two lines. This would essentially box in the plants, like a suspended collar.

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Ended up using six 6ft green stakes, with 25 4ft bamboo stakes and some plastic clips. Was able to support most of the branches by snapping the bamboo into smaller pieces where possible.

I’m having to water quite a bit (2 gallons in the morning and 6-8 in the evening). Any idea how many more weeks until harvest? Thanks for any input.

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Glad you didn’t have to rent scaffolding :grinning:

Did end up having to us more of the green stakes to support the rest of the plant including the top. Had to tie two together, but it held up in a recent storm. Not the greatest solution but works for now.


Absolute beast