First grow sprouting

A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve just started my very first grow! I have 1 auto-fem White Widow and 1 auto Super Lemon Skunk each planted in soil. Temp is at about 22 deg. celcius, soil is moist but not wet and seeds are about 3/4 inch deep.
It’s day 5 now and still no sprout poking out… I could just be overly impatient as I hear is common with new growers but I feel like they should have sprouted by now?
I’m currently leaving my lights on 24/7 so the sprouts can be greeted by some light when they come out and then I’ll change to 18-6 schedule.

Any advice would help! Do you think it’s normal that they haven’t sprouted yet?
Should I do anything to help them out?

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The temp could safely go up a few degrees to 25c-26c.

My seeds took 5 days to show…best wishes, patience, maybe today is the day!


I planted this 3/3, I took this picture yesterday… Patience
-good luck

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I would have given up at 9-10 days…you deserve an award for waiting! :trophy:

and a bountiful harvest!

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