First Grow snapped fan leaf accidentally on Amnesia Haze autoflower


Hello, this is my first grow. 3 Amnesia haze auto flower seeds from ILGM. 37 days old. In second week of flowering. I mistakenly snaped a fan leaf on the 4th node trying to tuck it! It snaped right where the stem is so that’s why I’m worried.


no problems with that @Ladybud1385 no worries…
vote for @BIGE for may bud of the month!


I didn’t think so, but i know Auto’s are sensitive due to their short life cycle and didn’t know how badly it would effect my potential yield.


your are welcome,and welcome to ILGM…



No worries hun… she be just fine. thumb


Thanks for the reassurance!!!:hugs::seedling::beetle:

Think I’ll post pictures soon. I had a nitrogen toxicity. Over fed end of week 4 so i only gave them ph’d water during week 5. Just fed again yesterday with1/2 of the reccomend FOX FARM FEEDING SCHEDULE. minus grow big because it has so much N! Just gave them BIG BLOOM AND TIGER BLOOM, only half strength. I didn’t realize i should have started flower nutrients before i switched to 12/12.




ok,you are on top of things…very good @Ladybud1385


Yes, these are my babies. Piff-C, Melly Jane and Ladybud.:blush::green_heart:


Hi, I’m just looking for some feedback on how my babies are doing. 42 days old currently under 12/12 cycle. 1200 watt philzon grow light. Thanks!




It looks like you have Nutrient Burn going on there.


Yes, that’s old. I’ve done what i can do in regards to that. Just started giving them nutes again couple of days ago. Only tiger bloom and big bloom. Left out grow big because of so much(N).


From your experience do flowers look ok other than then the nutrient burn? That’s what I’m really wondering.



Here is what you can do for the Nutrient Burn

Nutrient Burn is one of the MOST common mistakes a new grower makes,
reason for this is, because a newer grower will use a chemical nutrient
most of the time and listen to the directions on the box. This is a NO NO!
Depending on the age of the plant, size, strain and soil mixture you are using
also has a factor. There is no set guideline when using nutrients, but I can
give you a good example to start out with so you will not burn your plants.
It’s always good to start out light, rather than feed heavy. Remember you can
always add more later, but can not take out when you added to much. Chemical
and Organic nutrients differ. Chemical nutrients are more readily available
and can burn way easier than organics can. Organics are easier for a newer
grower to use, most of the time, and lessen your chances of burning your plants.
I recommend not using more than ½ teaspoon of chemical nutrients per gallon
of water. Unless the plants are very big 5 feet+, then it’s safe to use 1
teaspoon per gallon of water. When your plants first emerge you want to wait
at least 2 weeks before feeding your plants, unless your plants are in a soiless
mixture, like pro mix. The cotyledons (its first set of round looking leaves) are
what give the plant its food until they get the first 2 or 3 sets of leaves. If
your plants are in a soiless mixture and are over the first week of age; you can
feed a weak amount of nutrients, like ¼ teaspoon per gallon of water. Soiless
mixtures are different from soil plants and soiless plants need to be fed more
when using this mixture.

I also recommend not feeding more than 1 time a week if using ½ teaspoon per
gallon of water for chemical nutrients. You can feed every other day,( this
goes for chemical and organics) at very weak amounts, but doing this may contribute
to over watering, and for that I do not recommend feeding more than once a week.
Some people feed 2 times a week using like ¼ teaspoon per gallon of water… Use 1/4
strength for first feeding and then go up to 1/2 strength from the 2nd feeding when
using chemical nutrients. It’s very easy to overdo it. When using organics, depending
on which one you’re using, I recommend using 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. When the
plant gets bigger you can work your way up to using more nutrients when the plants
get bigger.

As for soil mixtures, there are a lot of different kinds of soil’s out there. Using a
rich soil mixture is not recommended for seedlings. Seedlings that are under 2
weeks of age you do not want to start them in rich soil, using a seed starter
mixture is one of the safer ways. Seed starter mixtures are weak in nutrients,
so it will not burn the seedlings but will provide them enough to get past seedling
stage, but the downside is you have to transplant into a better soil mixture after 2
weeks of age. If you decide to start with this mixture, do not put your seedlings
into a big pot. Start them out with using a cup or a small pot.

Nutrient Burn causes leaf tips to appear yellow or burnt. They can also be brown
and twisted and crispy looking. Depending on the severity it can show many different
symptoms and shows on lower part of the plant when its young, at older stages it
can move anywhere on the plant.

To fix the problem when you have Nutrient burn, you want to flush out the plants
with lots of water.


Soil should be flushed with lots of water, Use 3 gallons of water per one gallon of soil.
Flush very thoroughly, after plant recovers usually after a week, you can resume using
nutrients after a week or a week 1/2. When you flush your soil, you flush everything out,
a lot of nutrients go with it, including the soil nutrients.

Hydro `````````````````
Change out the reservoir, flush out any lines and clean out the entire system and
replace with plain water for the first hour, then start out with lower parts per
million (PPM)
Its good to clean out your system every 2 weeks and replace with fresh water and
nutrients. Some people change everything every week!

Ahh, nutrient burn!

Stop this by not adding to much chemical/organic nutrients to your
water ,foliar feeding. DONT feed more than 1 time a week unless using weak amount,
use 1/4 strength for first feeding and then go up to 1/2 strength from then on when
using chemical nutrients. Its very easy to overdo it. Causes leaf tips to appear
yellow or burnt. NEVER give nutrients to plants that are under 2 weeks of age, at
this age the soil nutrients are enough to suppliment them untill 2 weeks of age or
more depending on how good your soil is. Using ferts before 2 weeks will almost
likley kill your plants.



I actually know all of this. I got a little carried away feeding them end of week 4. Lesson learned! I was looking for feedback on how the flowers are looking at this stage after being burned.


Oh ok then. Ya the buds are fine it only affected your leafs…No worries


I appreciate the feedback🤗
Thank you!


Hi @garrigan65 and @Happy_Pappy

Just showing an update on my girls.
Day 50 from sprout/ Day 20 in flowering
Amnesia Haze Auto’s from ILGM!
5 gallon smart pots
Still in recovery from nute burn!!!