First grow six weeks


Looking good!

  • Your light seems pretty close to them for that age. Is that what your light manual calls for?
  • Have you considered LST? Might help you with the height
  • Gotta ask…what’s in the soil that the stems are going into?

Those pictures are before I adjusted everything this is what they’re looking like now


First time pruning and I took this much off of these two plants. Did I take too much. The soil is entirely organic no chemicals I started them in peat moss pots and just transferred them as they got bigger from small medium and then final. It’s a learning experience I didn’t bury the peat pots all the way and they wick water so I’ve had to bury them a little better. It’s not a job it’s an adventure :thinking:


There ya go, looking good! That’s about how much I took off my first defoliation. I went until I could start to see light hit the soil again. Give them a few days rest after taking off what you did, give them another around in a few days. (IF needed) Interesting that you re-potted them. Most on here and elsewhere on the web say autos can’t handle the shock of a transfer but yours did just fine :slight_smile:

I might have to look into the organic route myself. I started with FFHP but had to add nutes about 4 weeks in. Was a pain in the arse measuring out food for them every other feeding.

What kind of light arr you using there. Seems to be a bit of stretch going on there. Other than stretch she looks pretty v ood from here. Welcome and happy growing.

I’m still getting used to posting on this site. I use a Visosun 1000 watt LED variable. I use organic fertilizer off the Walmart shelf and I’m using cloth bags for pots. The transplanting only came in the form of moving one peat pot into a larger peat pot and into their final resting place where they are now only one time did I ever get into the roots and that was to check the larger peat pot to make sure that it was draining and the roots were growing out of it I was worried but it recovered after I moved it. Oddly enough it’s the plant that is showing the indica genetics that was uprooted and I wonder if it caused the leaf spread that that one has compared to my leggy one that is more sativa dominant I believe. I really appreciate all the help I’m getting from here this is a wonderful site this is the first hobby I’ve had in a long time thank you all

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6 weeks left

Welcome to the community.
You are totally right, your seeing the difference in genetics from the stretch.

Not sure what your doing with the netting there but fly at her lol.

Plants look healthy, your to late to low stress train as bending in flower could snap your branches.

You didn’t cut to many leafs off, no sweat there.

Incase your un aware the timeline given by breeders is a best case scenario, it often takes 2-3 weeks if not longer depending on many variables.

I’m the future I would suggest not using peat pots, as you can tell they dry out but also they are hard for plants to grow through.
Try nursery bags, solo. Cups or planting directly in a 3/5 gallon pot

10-4 on the peat pots the smaller one went on the next batch and I inadvertently lifted one of the larger ones while I was moving it and the roots had all penetrated and it was wet but it is the top edge drying out but my subsoil moisture is good and they’re healthy. I’ve already learned so much and just this grow and everyone is so helpful here thank you

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