First grow six weeks in!blue dream gold leaf indoor LED light

imageimageimageimageimageimagewell this is six weeks in and my ladies seem to be doing well. they survived me splitting two from one plant pot to 5 gallons grow bag. won’t make that mistake again each plant gets its own pot!

i was using distilled water that was getting expensive so i created a rain water capture barrel with a neet kit from amazon. easy to install!

also purchased an air scrubber fan and carbon filter. the house was starting to smell of the plants and when my wife went upstairs it gave her head ache…can you say irony they whole reason for the grow is to help her migraines. however once i instilled the air scrubber no smell and even upstairs no headache, in fact the air quality in the whole house seems better!

i was using distilled water butbthat was getting expensive, so i built a rain water capture barrel, with a neet kit from amazon.


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