First grow setup-please assist

I started this with a budget in mind but 2nd guessing myself, got a 6400k CFL and reflector for 48 x 48 tent, now 2nd guessing if should have gone LED.

Best way to germinate, pods or dirt and with what light.?

What would be a reasonable price airflow in tent and or Vent to outside on a budget ?

Plan to set up and start all now.

Drop beans in glass of distilled water 12-24 then use tweezers take out of glass put in moist paper towel somewhere dark with 75-80F temps when they show taproot place in your medium.
Good luck

First welcome to our community. A good exhaust fan carbon filter and flex pipe price range. 100 to 200 depending on brand. With a budget I would go with just exhaust fan and pass through holes open at the bottom of tent. Add a variable speed to your fan so you can adjust it to create a good negative pressure inside tent. Good luck

You will have to invest in a good light. For a 48x48 you will eventually need to get 4 x QB288 V2 setup bit you could easily start with 2 and upgrade later. The 2 will be good for 2 plants and in a 4x4 you can barely fit 4. For a 2 light set up (good for a 2x4 space):

This will be a TRUE 250-300W (from the wall) LED setup and with the proper conditions will yield 0.5 lbs or more.

I suggest not considering cheap burple lights from flea bay or Amazon. These are not nearly as efficient and are labeled with misleading claims. BTDT. I have a $150 paperweight that was totally inadequate for lighting.


Thanks for the infoI actually got my light from
Took pointers initially from a ilgm forum post in good inexpensive set up. Getting confused with all the info.

Thanks for the infoI actually got my light from
Took pointers initially from a ilgm forum post on decent inexpensive set up. Now Getting confused with all the info nor sure which direction to turn with this 4x4 in regard to lighting. Please check that web address tell me what you think. Appreciate you !

Can you direct to the post where you got this information?

Yea might take a bit - but I’ll find it

Have not found yet, however this is the light, thinking I should send back and replace…

Still looking but it was in one of Robert’s recent emails, an article on easy setup with a link that led me to that site and light.

If you have the opportunity to send it back I would. CFL has very little penetration power.

Thank you I will be doing so, now looking for something suitable, in your earlier re commendation you included some parts that I assume I would have to build. Are there any pre built at reasonable cost or is that the whole purpose of building your own. Thank you

I suggest building because you want to even place the (eventual) 4 boards evenly in a 4x4 tent and it’s really not difficult. Just drilling and screwing and save ~$100/pair. You could buy the 260 xl @$349 to do this. Has everything for a 2x4 space. You would need to get a second for a full 4x4.

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Here’s mine. I eliminated the bracket frame and the heatsinks by direct mounting the boards on a 1/8 sheet of aluminum(2’x3’) I got on flea bay.

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Awesome , thank you so much !

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Absolutely. Your welcome.

Sorry one more question, in the photo above that you built, is that what I need for my 4 x 4 or do I need to double it.

Is that board switchablle for both veg/flower or is an additional light needed for flowering stage.

Without getting too crazy ( which I can see would be easy to do), I’m gonna spend the money and do it right.

Mine is a 4xQB304 set up, but the 4xQB288 would be similar. I have it switched for each bank of lights. In order to be able to veg and flower with the same light you need to get the 3000K boards.

My space is 4x4. Light is more than adequate.