First grow sensi skunk auto

Hey first time grow here looking for advice. I’ve finally, after 3 or 4 failed attempts, got a couple seedlings. They sprouted leaves last 3/10 and I’ve been watering with distilled water about every other day. My tent is about 80 but humidity is only at about 20 percent. This needs to be higher correct? I also fed them fox farms big bloom last night bc the leaves were looking spotted and omg what a difference! Please, any advice or input is all welcome. Ty

Are you using FF soil? If so, you shouldn’t be giving any nutes yet. They look burned unfortunately. Yes, preferably, your humidity needs to be higher but I’m finishing up my grow now with a RH of 15-30% the whole time. They’ll be fine. If you’re concerned, put a humidifier in there.

PS - I see your temp in a few photos was over 90…probably a little too high but that’s just my opinion.

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Yes temps are way too high. I’d be using a dome when they are this small to keep humidity up by misting the inside of it. Also, a humidifier would help as the other person mentioned. I’m not familiar with fox farms nutes but they definitely don’t need bloom nutes yet. Not sure what lights you are using but 77-80 would be good for temp.


Need to get temps down and humidity up! Should not need nutes for at least 3-4 weeks. Are you ph’ing your water? Like @VTGROW said, I would dome. Mist inside of dome and place over. Then lightly mist outside of dome to get a moisture ring around outside of plants young, un-established root system. Do not mist your baby.

Ok so here is my setup. I think the lamp is 1200w total but split between veg and bloom lights. The veg only lights I believe is 600w keeps it around degrees. And I forgot the happy frog soil comes packed with nutes :grimacing: anyway i thought I read somewhere that they should b fed after first week of spouting. I started with filter tap water to get going but bought some distilled water recently. Only until I used that did the level start to spot and yellow so I assume the lack of nutrients from the water may have need compensated for. Tap water was about 7.2 ph but the distilled is closer to 6.5. Ill put my domes back on and mist inside and then water around them going forward. You mentioned not need notes after at least 3 to 4 weeks, will that still hold true being autos? Ig I assumed that would be way too late being autos…

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Auto or photos, same soil. So, no nutes needed whatever the plant. I started adding nutes to mine at week four after the lower leaves started to yellow.

I’ve seen that too but I don’t think it’s the case for organic soil.

Use distilled for week one, after that, PH your tap water. I’d try and keep it in the 6.5-6.9 range until they get a little older.

With fox farms you shouldn’t have to add any nutes for about 4 weeks or so. Then follow Fox farms feeding guide for the nutes and soil you are using.

I’m usually my fox farms ocean forest and stared to feed them at week 4 and have only been giving them a quarter to half the suggested nutes.

I had a similar light but it kept my tent too hot. I ended up replacing it with a spider farms sf1000. I have a 2’x2’x4’ tent though.

So here we are after about 10 days from seed. I’ve gotten away from the distilled water. I’ve been ph my tap water to about 6.84, I got a digital ph/tds meter that came with 3 different ph buffer powders. I haven’t heard anything about using these so I hope it’s OK. They’re packets u empty into a gallon of water that adjusts to a predetermined level. Anyway I had to get rid of my water bottles too to get a bigger dome. Not too sure when I could take them off but at the rate they’re going im gonna have to find something bigger! Seems the dewdrops onto the leaves maybe getting burnt. Temp hovers from 72 to 78 and humidity is usually about 20. Bit low this morning. Lmk what u guys think

Def lose the domes now. Also, you can start to water the soil, not the leaves. The leaves will start to burn if you spray directly on them at this age.

I believe the stuff that comes with the PH test is just to calibrate it. I never calibrated mine out of the box though so I hope it’s right lol.

Also, I wouldn’t worry too much about the humidity. I started mine in a Chicago winter so the highest I could get the RH was about 30% or so. Plants are doing just fine.