First grow. Seedlings drooping and spotty?

(2) White Widow on left and (1) Bubblegum on right. Both in soil 50/50 FFOF/HF. Was watering very lightly in circle around stems every day. Started watering a little more deeply once fan leaves came out. Now I water every 2 days. Watered to run off on accident once. I can just barely see little roots on the bottom and they look white.

I had the lights (Viparspectra p2500) at 20” 50%. As plants got taller it’s now 19” and I raised to 65%. Could they light be causing the drooping? Am I watering too much? Not enough? And the spots on those first two leaves is maybe a pH issue early on?

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It’s the pot size, they’re ready to get transplanted to the next size up. I can happen fast once they get going. They’ll bounce right back, don’t need to change anything else.


So in regards to watering, it’s really easy to figure out once you’ve got a feel for the weight of your pot. Water is several times heavier than the plant + soil.

For the light, I highly recommend tossing the owners manual and buying a meter. You can get one for your phone that’s decent enough.

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They sprouted on 1/22-1/23. So a little over two weeks. I figured they were close, but I keep seeing people say the leaves should be 2” over the side of the pot. I guess if they perked up they would be? :rofl: I could try a repot tomorrow and see them pop back to life. Thanks

I have some idea of the watering because I have other houseplants so I have a moisture meter and I pick the pots up and what not. I have Photone and had the center canopy at 18DLI at 19” 65%. So much conflicting info on DLI and height

Banana Kush ILGM, 11 days old.

Seedling 300-500 umol m/s2
Veg 500-700
Flower 700-1000

Those are the numbers I heard and use, and it’s worked out well.

If you supplement CO2 you can push em even higher if everything else is optimal. That’s probably where it starts getting confusing. I’d recommend starting simple, learn to grow the plant first, you’ll get better each time cause you know what to look for.

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Nice looking roots. Thanks for your information that’s very helpful. I’m definitely going to take it slow and simple my first grow. Still working on keeping the environment the way I want.

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Oh woo look at that , just nice work , you doing it !

Correct diagnosis. They were slightly root bound nothing crazy. After I did the repot they bounced back immediately and are doing really well now :+1:t3: