First grow seedling

Hi guys it’s my first grow just wondering if you can give me feedback on how my plant is looking after about 2 and a half weeks. Started giving it nutes. And when should I put it in a bigger container.

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First; stop with the nutes; if in soil the plant doesn’t need it and will actually slow it down.

It looks like you could use more light.

You could transplant within a week or so IMO. If it’s an auto I would go right into the final pot size (fabric pots are the bomb) and if a photoperiod I might pot up one more time. Be careful of your watering practices and I would continue to dome the plant for another couple of weeks to keep the RH up.


Ok thanks man

When does a person start adding nutrients to the soil?

The flip response is: “when the plant asks for it” haha but there’s some truth to it.

It is going to depend on the media and the conditions. If you are in a small pot with weak soil you will have to supplement sooner rather than later. If you are in a big pot with hot soil you might not need any. If you have weak lights you won’t need supplementing as much as with high intensity lights etc.

I would very strongly suggest that if you are currently in any soil other than one specifically designed for cannabis to order some NOW. If you are in Miracle Gro you will be in trouble later. The reason is that cannabis needs to be grown in a PH that is between 6.3 and 6.8 in soil to render the nutrients it needs soluble to the roots. MG is WAY lower and only gets worse. The vegging plant can tolerate it fairly well but when you get into flower is when the problems start, and you can’t do anything much about it. So now is the time to deal with it.

I would also suggest you pick up a PH and TDS meter to monitor your input water and nutrients. Do NOT trust one of those cheapatron 3 in 1 meters you can find. You want a dedicated unit that can be calibrated.


Oh awesome thanks for all the info.

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