First Grow Seedling Stage

What’s your environment like now with the light?

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Appears to be almost 21 c in there now.
Leaf over the temp.

Wasn’t sure if it was 20.9 or 28.5 :joy:

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Sitting at like 21 now

Looks good.

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Nice job man…got those temps up!
They will perk up…keep it up!!

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Uh oh just come back from my weekend away and plants are looking super unhappy think the new cfl might of been to intense for the youngins. Gone back to old light to see if they perk up. Fingers crossed

Ouch, they not happy buddy. Got any aloe? Great for heat stress…

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How do I apply that? Mix with water in spray bottle and apply to leaves?

I wouldn’t apply to leaves, not under the lights you’ve got.
Your soil looks damp, so you’ve watered recently. Wait till it dries out, then make a batch of the above, remove the skin, place pulp in water mix, allow to brew for 20 minutes, or use lemon squeeze, then strain and water as required.
This is only good for 1 watering,
as the aloe will go off - Important.

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Roger :+1:t3: Thanks for the info

And we back, plant are recovering nicely.

@Enlightened420 think the new light dried them out and were under watered so after a much needed drink they back on course!!

Excellent news sir :v:

Babies growing good

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Loving how they are looking starting to take off now. When do you reckon I should transplant? Also my fridge is only big enough for one plant which one should I keep? @Enlightened420


Any problems anyone can see from latest photos?

Generally the root system will be similar size to the plant.

I can’t answer this question and be responsible for a plant death :scream:
It must be your choice…


I won’t kill it I’ll give it to a mate he’ll be wrapt


Thank the Grow Gods for that :rofl: