First Grow Seedling Problems

I’ve recently started my first grow, figured I’d start with the free seed I was given with my order in case I screw things up the first time around. I’m growing Cheese Autoflower from Canuk seeds. Germination went well and the first few leaves came out looking green and healthy. But now the leaves are turning yellow! After looking into it I have come to the conclusion it’s a nitrogen deficiency so on the weekend I watered twice with a decent dose of miracle grow (I know mg is not good for growing weed but I was acting in desperation). Since the feeding the yellow has not slowed and is still spreading, no new leaves have formed either. Now I’m not sure if it is a N definitely or not. Is it possible this is not a nitrogen deficiency? I’d really appreciate any feedback I could get as I’m not too sure how I should proceed with this plant and feel if nothing changes she’s gonna die… What should I do?! lol

Honestly i just typed a mile. But I cannot tell if its burn from the MG or actually a deficiency.

Do u have pictures of when she started to turn?


I have some before the Miracle Grow but it’s hard to see the lights are on… In my opinion it looks like the same problem, miracle grow seemed to have no effect or worsened the yellow spots.

How old is she? Honestly is might be the soil. What was the base soil? And fish blood from fish? Or meal from a box?

N do u own a ph meter?

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Thanks for getting back to me,

Shes on day 17 today when the first set of pictures were taken.

Soil is from home depot golfgreen organic compost with worm castings and peat moss says its 0.5-0.5-0.5

Bone and blood meal from a bag 7-5-0 , fish meal from a separate bag 10-2-2 about 1 tbsp of each in a 7L pot

Also didn’t mention a tbsp of Epsom salts

I don’t own a ph meter was hoping by making a good quality soil the ph would buffer itself a bit but I’m not so sure I’ve done that now.

Yup. Im finna try to repaste my storybook from earlier…

N i cant. PH is the root of all evil. Then feedin mg solution wouldnt work really. It needs to be in range to be absorbed. When u mix nutrient solutions, the pH normally drops out of range. Soil needs to be between 6.3-6.8 for optimal availability.

I made the same mistake. Mixed my first soil and the ph was pretty low. I didnt find out til i harvested and was setting up for round 2. Being out of range locks out all kindsa things.

A ppm/tds meter is also worth its weight in gold. But u can buy it in bronze if u want. $10 investment works. PH, splurge on the ~$40 Apera 20 and get that out the way. Its worth every cent

Yeah I guess the ph meter is kinda a one time purchase that’ll prevent many a problems and considering the cost of everything else probably shouldn’t have been skipped out on.

I’m thinking I’ll grab a meter tomorrow after work and get some ph readings. From my understanding if the soil isn’t the proper ph than the plant cant “access” the nutrients. I’m still confused and unsure if the soil is too rich in Nutrients or if theres not enough?

I am as well! Thats why I erased the lesson earlier. Growing weed isnt super tough. But having the right variables makes learning to grow it a breeze

Well thanks again for your help, hopefully she lives through my growing pains!

No problem Danny Rand-sun. :bowing_man:t5:

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