First grow seed to harvest let’s play a game guess that yield!

First full grow from seed to harvest decided to upgrade the tent and the girls seem to love it a little lst and flipped to flower 1 week ago got 600w mars hydro and 6 48w leonlite grow lamps that seem have done wonders for my girls using organic soil mixture with fox farm trio tips or criticism welcome lol


Welcome! Looks great to me! Waiting to start my first grow. Looks like you got this!

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Hmmm. What kind of soil. Lights. Any co2. How many plants what size room

Photos or autos???

If you give me about a week I will start a grow journal of my own. But this thread is yours :laughing: and you’re doing well

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987048 tent one mars hydro 600w and 6 leonlite 48w grow lights organic soil mix from local nursery using fox farm trio and recently top dress with happy frog flower time 5 plants at this moment and drop 25 skywalker og seeds for the solo cup challenge have one exhale grow hung up