First grow SD AK and BG


Hahahah ya I feel you I leave in area where there are lots of farms mostly feed corn for the live stock but being considered a rural community it’s not out of the question to see them around me as being in Ny our seeson is short so I’m not alone lol
I had no choice in putting one up I live if the flight path for the local airport that the sheriff department uses for their aircraft so over head viewing was more my issue I have 2-1/2 private acres just one neighbor who has limited views so :+1:
That’s cool at least they are serviceable
You’ll be watering more often when they get bigger unless you get enough rain weekly :+1::cowboy_hat_face:
Good stuff brother keep up the good work my friend :v:️CB


Hey the growing season here is a little longer. I scattered them along a ridgeline not far off a 4wheeler path.
So watering shouldnt be a problem i will just us a different way each time not to make a path.


I like the way you think brother
You don’t need trails leading to you girls especially if other use 4 wheeler trails
What about a are you again if you don’t mind refreshing my memory brother


I got ya I think lol
Happy growing keep me posted brother


I was off a little but lol
Keep on keeping on my man :v:️CB


Well i had to set back and have some meds this morning. I went outside to check my new seedling and my dog had chewed up the pot and all.
When i turned around and looked at him he took off loke a bat out of hell and he still wont come to close to me.


That sucks dude but I feel your pain my puppy did the same thing to me two seasons ago :cowboy_hat_face:
Bad dog :dog:


Sorry to hear that @Hunter00 drop some more beans brother!


@Countryboyjvd1971 and @bob31 and any others. Sorry i have been out for awhile. Was a few days before i went to check on the plants and the BG and SD are doing good about knee high. The AK is not doing so well looks like a mole came up right beside the plant but still looks strong just small. Filled the hole in and gave some water and will keep check on it.


Thats good except of the AK. That’s all you really can do. Hopefully he didnt destroy the AK’s roots. She may need a little TLC. is the AK an auto or photo? @Hunter00


Photo @bob31 do u think it will still have enough time.


The fact that she is a photo works in her favor. You can take as long as you need to fix her. Are you giving nutrients?


@bob31 I wont have anything to do with it will i since they are planted in the ground outside.
I mixed some in the soil when i planted in the ground will that be enough.


Keep an eye on here. If she doesn’t perk up in a few days you might want to consider giving her some. @Hunter00


Ok thanks for the input bob.
Was worried because it a little late to try and start a new one since the dog ate the last one.


Oh here we go with the dog ate my MJ plant excuse! hahahahaha lol Bad Dog! @Hunter00:v:


Thats what i thought when i was typing . Lol


Hey @bob31 and @Countryboyjvd1971 sorry its been a long since i have posted anything on my tread but have tried to keep up with yours. I have some pics i would like u to see will upload in a few.


Please do brother! Hope all is well! @Hunter00


Pretty good. I have seen some good pics of yours and voted for yours nice,