First grow SD AK and BG


Hey @Countryboyjvd1971 was going to plant today but it is calling for rain everyday for the next 5 or 6 days .
So i was going to wait is that the best thing to do?


If it going to be heavy rain I might wait another day or too but if light rain it might help a little bit with the transplant they like rain water lol
I’d say if they are over 4 weeks you should be fine tho


@Countryboyjvd1971 , @bob31! @Tonyb, @Nug-bug.
Well i put 1 in the ground yesterday. It was the ak it was the smallest of the 3. I had been mixing that fertilizer in water and giving it to them. I mixed some in the soil when i planted it.
The bubble gum has taken off compared to the others.
Will try to plant the other 2 in the morning.
Will try to get some pics posted.


In my state of Michigan with card I’m allowed to have only 6 plants at once :sob:


Mass allows me 12 plants per house hold, no card needed. It’s just ur right as an ammmurrrikkkan


@Tonyb it used to be 12 here to but then the laws changed once again and screwed alot of good people.


Dayyyummmm. At least u can grow. In CT where I was living 2 years ago you can’t grow at all


Yeah bro that would suck. But yeah 6 is most deffinetly better then not bein able to have shit at all lol


Thats here 0

Still braking the law here. Thats why im growing in the woods.


Wish my state would let me have my right as a ammmmmurkkccaan.


I have a grow in the woods too because I live in an apartment complex that sent out an email saying they adhere to the federal laws as far as the legalization of marijuana :x. That’s why I grow in cabs, don’t have a tent n also have an outdoor grow to maximize my crop.


Well i got the others planted today. Now i will be layed up for a day now. Will get some pics in a few days.


Ok got all of them planted and dropped another AK yesterday before i went and checked on the one i planted a few days ago. It was small and just didnt do as well as the other 2. So when i went and checked it was looking good. I will get some pics to post after the rain leaves which may be a couple of days. So i may have 2 ak to harvest that would be a great problem to have.
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The ak seed is popping out of the soil.


went and checked on them yesterday here is a pic

this is the SD
here is BG
@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Tonyb @Ragnar @Nug-bug


Looking great!


Looking great :+1: they seem to be happy where you put them :cowboy_hat_face::v:️CB


Thanks man. Took awhile to find a place. Tried to hide them the best i could and still get enough sun.


Be stealthy is hard hahaha
That’s why I put up a green house on the back of my property it’s out in the open full sun and out of view at the same time :+1:
But yours look happy with the location for sure
How far away are they easily accessible for watering and what not @Hunter00
Oh and just a heads up been have a delay in my tag notifications I received one earlier from 18 days ago ?


Hey @Countryboyjvd1971 i will be able get them water if needed just dont want to make to many if i can help it.

I have been watching your grow nice. If i was to throw up a green house here i would get busted for sure then. I would be the only guy with a green house around here.