First grow SD AK and BG


Lol maybe a baked potato bro
All good what ever works @Hunter00


That ak47 what old she is? Mine is 17 days old. I top her 2 days ago.



@M4ur it is about 21 days old? The first 2 weeks of its life was cool and rain every day if not longer. I only brung it in a couple of times. So i would say the weather stunted their growth.(mother nature) the battle u cant win growing outdoors.


Hey @Countryboyjvd1971 or @Tonyb have you ever used fertilizer on your plants.


I use the foxfarm brand of nutrients
For soil @garrigan62 has some good info on making your own soil where you won’t need to feed it you mix it all in when you make the soil and just ph water
I have tried making my own yet


By fertilizer do you mean manure? I am still new to dirt, could tell you a crap load(pun intended) about dwc, but not too much about dirt. I started with the best dirt I could find, FFOF, so I would have to worry about fertilizer n could just give them nutes once they start needing it seeing how I have bottles of every kind of nute on deck for my hydro stuff. I have read on here cow crap is too hot for plants, rabbit and chicken poo is great for pot plants, and then there’s things like work castings and such. All this is stuff I read that I’m not positive I remember correctly so I would take everything I say with a bit of a grain on salt when it comes to dirt grows.


I would hook up with @garrigan62 and get his recipe if you want to go organic grow
I know he does some good stuff and won’t steer you wrong @Hunter00


@Tonyb @Countryboyjvd1971
I was talking about the white little round balls 10-10-10 i seen it somewhere


White balls ? Need more info your not talking about perilite are you ?
If you can post a pic on what your referring to it would help I think


He just posted his soil recipe on his experimental auto flower grow I’m pretty sure also Hunter.


Does perlite really have 10-10-10?


Like your regular garden fert.


Perilite does not have a npk ratio and also has a neutral ph balance of 7.0.

It is also a volcanic glass material that helps with drainage and aeration through out the soil


That’s what I thought. Well I didn’t know it was volcanic… But my bag I bought didn’t say anything about a npk on it.


Wait it’s volcanic? They were like squishy white balls :blush: I guess I think of volcanic material as like hard rocks n stuff lol


That’s why, and volcanic glass that’s why its an airy material “porous material” (meaning easily absorbing water or other liquids) and aerating soil the help the drainage

It sounds like your thinking of lava rocks also volcanic rocks just not volcanic glass


Probably what I’m thinking of :stuck_out_tongue:


Idk if you could , might be to easy to overfeed with granular garden fertilizer.
Might wanna get second opinion


Thats what im talking about.not perilite. Just regular fertilizer.
It say 9-12-12 will put a pic on in a min.
@Majiktoker @Countryboyjvd1971 @Tonyb


I would maybe use it in aggressive vegetative stage, the stage right before flower other wise it may be to strong for them off the get go