First grow SD AK and BG


Have been following it and was going to try iton one plant.
Was going to top the BG and scrogg the Ak and just let the SD go.
Was is fimming Do for the plant.


Ok cool @Hunter00
Fimming comes from topping and means
f$&@ I missed it’s supposed to be less stressful on plants ?
Ok I like that idea a few different techniques should result i a nice harvest bro


Well iwas going to see if 1 work better for this area .you know something where u spend the least amount of time going to the plants but get the best yield.Around here Sept and oct. there is crop choppers in the air here alot.


If u fimm right you can get 4 top spots instead of 2 if you top. If you look on my threads I have a supreme haze I fimmed and it has a buuuunch of top spots now.


I would fimm and scrogg all your plants if you want to increase yield. Fimming will make it bushy. I would do it kinda soon too if they’re 4 weeks old cuz then you can do it again to make it even bushier n buddier.


Hey @Tonyb i will do that. Right now they are to small i think it was from all the bad weather but seem to be doing good just small.


Lemme see a pic n I can give you my input @Hunter00


I have tried with my phone and pad still can not . Today i will try with my laptop and my good camera. @tonyb


Is it saying it’s too large? I had that problem when I first started on this forum. If it is just crop the pic n it’ll upload


No it would just say uploadingand then cant remember maybe error. Today when i try i will tag u and maybe u can help me with it.


Def. I did a really good job fimming my supreme haze plant I’m going to put outside soon. It has like six cola spots n it’s still only like 12 inches tall xD


@Hunter00 maybe you can put a picture whit ak47?


hey @Tonyb and @Countryboyjvd1971 just trying to upload a pic.


well I got to work will put pics of all 3 in a few. Have to charge camera now


here we go. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Tonyb @bob31 @Ragnar @M4ur .here are the pics of all 3 plants as you can see they are a bit small for there age. the reason is from the bad weather we had for so long.(rain) they have been outside from the start.

Sour D

AK 47


The SD is about a week older.
any imput welcome


I think they look great @Hunter00 Love those Daisy Containers! Fine for sprouts!


I think you looking fine bro they may have just been building a nice root system in those super fancy containers you have them in lol
I love the products actually hahahha
Looking great and healthy bro keep updates coming


I was gonna say that too! There sour cream is top notch!


they are 5 bls container. I had them in the little sprout cups and the dog knocked 1 over so I just transplanted all of them in those.
I wonder when I smoke some if I will crave a taco or
@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971


baked potato one night and tacos the next! lol @Hunter00