First grow SD AK and BG


Gold leaf is awesome, here is one of mine 3 weeks from harvest


That looks so yummy @Majiktoker
I can almost smell it hahaha


Yes, Gold leaf is awesome, best strain to grow in my conditions , it went through so many frosts in the morning I cant even count…been outdoor since mid April, we had many many days with low 30’s after that…
Just fricking growing, no problems at all…:wink:


Nice bro!! That’s what I liked was the stress resistance


Sounds like the perfect strain for me to grow out in a swamp in ne :wink:


@Countryboyjvd1971 well the day went bad to worse.
No coffee, went outside to check on the plants my dog had turned over my sour d. Pick it up completely covered up with dirt. Nothing was broke and planted back and gave it a drink. Hoping it works out good. Had a nice little root system on it.


@Nug-bug do u think it will be Ok. I just transplanted it 2 days ago.


Hey @Willd i was looking at a post where u went to Alaska. I went last summer and drove up. It was a drive of a life time. I never made it to southeast AK what was it like am thinking of going there next time.
It is alot bigger than u think and drive for hours and never see no sign of human life beside the road.


Bad dog :dog: I snake you on the nose if you where here lol
@Hunter00 that stinks but at least nothing was broken :+1: It may stress her a bit and she will most likely stop upward growth while it focuses on root repair but I think you’ll be ok how old was she ? I’m burnt lol


He got one.
The plant seems ok. Looked perky all day had some sun and a little drink tonite. I think its going to be fine.


Hey @Countryboyjvd1971 got a ? For you.
What the smallest plant u have ever planted in the woods. I would like to plant mine next week but they seem a bit small still.


I have started from seed outside
But usually wait till they are at least 4 weeks old and out of sprout/ seedling stage
How old are your plants ? And how tall ?
Maybe a picture if possible
And do you plan on transitioning them from indoors to out with some filtered sun light ? You may want to


They are about 4 weeks old and the SD is a week older.
They are about 4" tall
They have been outside from the start. I would bring them in if it got cold.
The picture thing im trying cant do it with my phone or pad.
Will try with laptop sometime.


Ok then they will be ok I think as long as temps don’t drop below say 45 degrees
They are probably just rooting and close to taking off
Keep me posted


Thanks CB have been following your grow. Very nice.
The wire fence on your scrog should i use that tomake a box around them after i plant just to protect them for a little while.


You can if you have a lot of wild life in the area
My grow last year was almost completely eaten buy something very close to harvest I was so upset hahaha
I know it wasn’t a human because it was Ll the lower stuff I still got a few ounces😢


oK. Yes have alot of wild life and i know the deer that make it by me in deer season would love to get back at me by eating my plants lol.
I live about 12 miles past the country. I have to put underware on the chickens to keep the owls from raping them.


Ok bro hahahhaha
I understand I have chickens as well lol
You I would definitely put a cage around them lol
I actually invested in a couple green houses this year and put a critter fence around them 6 feet tall I have my veggies in one a few fruit trees and a couple of my girls in the other lol

I lucky in one sense there are a lot of feed corn :corn: fields around me so there’s plenty of other stuff for the critters to eat
I also put soap shavings around the area
I use Irish spring and shave it down it has a strong scent and was taught to me by a old timer I used to know :+1:


I saw this and love it.
No corn fields around here.
Will use the irish spring around them.
I am hoping to get enough meds. To last me until next grow season. That why i only grew 3 plants. Dont want to do the inside grow yet.
Do u know how much 3 should produce in low yield.
But hoping it will be a huge yield.
Thanks again @Countryboyjvd1971 and this site has been very helpful.


It depends on strain and many other factors @Hunter00
But conservatively I’d say outdoor min of two ounces
If everything is perfect maybe way more
You should think about doing a outdoor scrog screen that will increase your yield by at least x2
Also depending on what other techniques you use
I recommend topping or dimming your girls as well
Check out my thread CB outdoor Gorilla glue grow