First grow SD AK and BG


You should transition them into full sun FYI


They have been outside from the start just bring them in when its bad weather. Had about a week of bad weather no sun rain. This is 4th day of been outside all day and night. Noticed it yesterday to and i put in the shade for a couple of hours. Just thought i would ask .


Well transplanted this morning into bigger pots. Hope i didnt stress then to much.

@Ragnar @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 hey i could not get the bat guano here is there something else i could use in its place to add to my soil. When i plant in the ground.
If not will just plant with what i got alot of people here just plant and add nothing and it turn out allright.

I did find some soil with the worm cast,kelp, sphagnum peat moss, processed forest products,coir,perlite,organic fertilzers and yucca.

It says derived fro poultry litter,alfalfa meal,kelp meal,bone meal and worm cast.
What do u think.


I think you’ll be ok with what you have now bro
I’d say give it a go


Thanks man, i have it now used a some in the transplant this morning. Hopeing to plant in the woods next week.
Could not believe no one had bat gauno and didnt want them ordering it just for me.


Amazon delivery or Walmart
They are my back ups when I can’t find stuff local
Sometimes I just go there because I don’t feel like hunting stuff out local hahaha


It will work just fine…happy growing !


Checked at walmart they didnt have it but the 2 young men working knew what it was for . Said they could order . To.d them never mind and fount the stuff i got.


Walmart ships for free if your order is over $ 45 online just a FYI
They are trying to compete with Amazon


I finally found that answer for ya @Hunter00

This is for Massachusetts licenses:

Initial application: $3,000
Retail cannabis store: $15,000
Cannabis product manufacturer: $15,000
Cannabis cultivator: $15,000
Cannabis testing facility: $10,000


Stay guerrilla forever, its much more fun and cheaper…!


Hahahha @Ragnar and nobody is trying to regulate your either
I’m with you kiddo and I’ll stay in the shadows I think going legit would take the pleasure out of it for me
Which is why I grow to begin with I find peace when in the garden MJ or Vegetable but my MJ has better returns lol :joy:


I will always grow outside as long as im able.


I’m doing a multi pronged attack for this grow season, indoors n outdoors… Lol


Nice @Tonyb


Hoping my outdoors gorilla grow goes ok… Spent 74$ on soil n perlite… Still need to get some fencing too for deer protection.


What should I be expecting for a yield from a gold leaf grown outdoors? Only ever grew out doors when I was in highschool n the most I yielded was an 8th from a seed I planted in a friend’s flower patch on the side of his house while smoking with him on 4th of July lol


Thinking starting on time… sorta… Lil late… N using ffof for soil I should have a bit better results


I dont know what will the gold leaf yield outdoor, but the way its growing so far I think 3-4 lb per tree should be easily achievable…
We will see…
Happy adventure everyone !


I like the sound of that @Ragnar
They will be my next grow :grin::+1::v:️:cowboy_hat_face: CB