First grow SD AK and BG


+1 @bob31 stealth is key


Hey bein able to have it at all would be a win in my book, I wouod just stick to enjoying it in my backyard or my home if that were the case. It’s a mark in the win column in my book if I was able to just have medical, but until that day I’ll still be growin and smokin my medicine plain an simple.

@bob31 stealth is the word haha


@Hunter00 I agree. Someone dropped the ball on that imo


Hey @bob31 how much is a permit to become a grower or a disp. In MA.


I’m not sure on that. I do know that it is quite a procedure. Some have been going through the state process for several years and still don’t have approval.

I will check and let you know.


@bob31 would please tell me how i can stop this site from sending post to my email.
It is driving me crazy.
Thank you in advance.



At the bottom of the e-mail is an “unsubscribe” link, or at least it is on mine…


Thanks @Ron330. Found it.


@Hunter00 tap on you icon you’ll see a a little sprocket looking thing or right side of drop down menu go into that a look for option to stop email you have a few different ones to chose from then it will stop lmao
Took me a while to figure it out as well


Thanks , i found it took a little while. It was aout to nuts. Had to go and enjoy some meds and then fix it.


It made me a bit crazy as well till I figured it out hahahaha


Sun is out 2 days in a row! This should really help the little ones.


Awesome glad you figured that out @Hunter00 I’m going on 18 hours of rain.

Are you a game hunter?


Yes @bob31 love it . Love the quality of the meat u know all the hormones and anti. That are put into our meats now. but have notice a lot of places now say they have all natural meats now.
Love the been alone in the woods the peace .
Would love to live where i could hunt elk and moose if my failing body would let me.
Did go to Alaska last summer and did some salmon fishing. Caught one King it was about 25lbs tasted awsome. Drove it took 13 days because of how much i have to stop.
Sorry to ramble on. Are u a outdoorsman.


I try to be an outdoorsman. There is some pretty decent hunting and fishing around. I try to get out fishing with my boys when I can and I’ve spent a good bit of time bird and deer hunting in Maine. My hunting partner moved to Florida a few years ago though. So now it’s mostly golf and Patriots games in the season.

I have been considering fly fishing. They stock a stream about a mile from my house. Never tried it though.

I grew up in southern Ohio and I used to do some hunting with my dad when I was old enough.

I’m retired and my boys are in their 30s.


I would love to fly fish .
Dont think many of us on here on able to be a good outdoorsman anymore. Just able timers now. If able go.

Huge pats fan myself?


I grew up a Bengals fan which was sort of like being a pats fan till the 2001 season anyway. I was in the af reserve and got activated after 9-11 and the Patriots became a beacon of light for me. I felt like it was patriotic that the pats won the sb a few short months later. Poetic I think.

I had been to a dozen or so games from 1985-2000 and the pats didn’t win very many games. You could buy tickets on game day.

I have averaged 4-6 games a year since 2002. I managed to get tickets for the division playoff game against the raiders. It was like 15 degrees and snowing like crazy. This was the tuck rule game… Lol it was a crazy place that night!

Lol I am retired but I work a part time job in the summer to pay for our MJ, pats Tix and a trip or two to Florida!


Was watching the game when Brady took over for Db.
And the tuck rule pissed off raiders fans bad


Hey @Countryboyjvd1971 Or anyone hey have my plants outside it is about 90 here today now they are little over 2 weeks old and the leaves were pointing straight up (pointing to the sky)what is causing that took them out of sun for a little while affraid it was to much sun (to hot). Or is it nothing to worry about.

What is your thought. Thanks


I think you did the right thing
Did you plant them outside or they just get put out ?