First grow SD AK and BG


Yeah, Iam still changing diapers to our second one ( 18 months) , this 3rd girl will be loved and welcomed of course, but I cant say it was planned…:grinning:


Wow! Congrats daddy and happy birthday early! God bless you guys. I’m 51 and my kids are 27 and 28 and out of the house. Life is good in this second phase of it.


Indeed. Unplanned stuff brings alot of joy and happiness.

Sun was out today took my 3 plants out today. Hope it stays a few doays.


A true American patriot! :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to seeing how your grow goes.


The sun yesterday really help all 3 plants. Now today rain again.


Had my plants outside getting sun looked up it was pouring the rain now im wet.


Hello @Tonyb where upstate NY did you live I live in NY up around Poughkeepsie area ?


Potsdam/Massena area


Oh you where up state up star then lol nice bro


St Lawrence county pride!!! I go back every year to camp with the family at Blake in parishville. Best camp ground ever!


Can’t say I’ve heard of it
Where you at now if you don’t mind me asking sir


Attleboro mass. Work outside of Boston in Newton though


Oh ok cool so your still in the general area
My sister is up in mass as well


Yep. I’ve only lived here for about a yr n a half. My company opened a new restaurant n offered me 33% raise to transfer


Sounds like a no brainer to me @Tonyb haha and a added bonus your legal there lol


No sun again today. All three look good. Still trying to get pics .


Hey @bob31 @Hawkeye_diesel @Ragnar did u see the bill WV pasted for med MJ. I think it sux but at least it is something.

Cant grow your own, cant smoke,and cant have gun in your car if u have a card.


It sucks, but hey, who cares…we sre growing right ?


My wife is the MMJ card holder in the family. I could qualify as well but decided against it. I agree that is different, but a step in the right direction. I think the gun restriction is ridiculous.

@Hunter00 @Ragnar

Stealth is the word. Even in legal places I think it is better to be stealthy. If your home brewing you’re not making it a public event, lol


I agree. But card holders not allowed to grow there meds crazy. I think.