First grow SD AK and BG


@Hunter00 we all get busy post pics and tag me
As gar a feeding is concerned just keep feed veg schedule uo until your ready to flower then start the switch over to flower
You can drop the grow big and just use the big bloom and tiger nutes if you want if you feed full youll wantvto follow flush schedules also cause of salt build up


@bob31 and @Countryboyjvd1971
Guys got a ? For you. is this from not enough water
Hy I say this is because the cold weather we had I put 2 heaters in my grow and the humidity was under 10% . The heaters was on the floor beside the pots.
In front bubble gum back sour


Looks light heat stress to me. Can you move the heaters outside the tent and vent it inside?


I have moved the heaters.
Here is what I have imagine u have a 3 sided shed (uninsalated)and inside that shed u have a 3x3 room with 1" thick rough cut lumber and the reflective lbubble stuff on the walls. That was why I had to use 2 heaters.
With what you are saying could be. The roots could have gotten to hot with the heat blowing on the pot.
Thanks @MattyBear


Inwas going to say heat stress as well @Hunter00
Suggest you buy some insulation board from the box store and get some insulation in that shed
It will help in summmer as well


Was going to tear it down and build a building jut for growing. Thought I could just get by until spring.


What will be the long term damage


How’s your grow doing? @Hunter00 How far out from harvest are you?


Will still be awhile starting the 4th week of light switch so does that mean 2nd week of flower.
Starting today I’m going to start a journal for these 2 plants with some pics.
I get into reading everything on here and mine suffers.


Why would you try to bring a fake bomb on a plane.

Has anyone seen this one tv yet. A film crew tried this.


No I haven’t seen that will check it out @Hunter00

Yeah a little ways to go only the second week of flower.



Here is the bubble gum before

and now


The pics are backwards @bob31


I swapped them around, I think did I get them right for ya?

Are you growing SD AK and BG on this grow or is that an old grow? Help me out I may have just medicated, lol @Hunter00


That’s great brother.
This started out as my outdoor grow .
Where it is not legal here had some snoopers they never found them but had to harvest quick and quiet. Was not a good harvest so I start a indoor. Had a grow ? and ask it here on my old journal
Should I make a new one for this?


You can just keep this one going. Maybe change the name to more accurately reflect the new grow? Or start a new one. Really totally up to you!

So have you harvested or will this be the first grow till harvest? @Hunter00


I harvested the outdoor just was a poor quantity great quality.

This time it’s just a sour d and bubblegum


I have AK here I harvested about 6 months ago, Good stuff! Haven’t tried the SD or BG yet.

I like having a bunch of different variety on hand! @Hunter00


I really like all 3 that I had but it was not cured right . We was having a lot of wet weather here was trying to dry in out side shed. So the sun came out one day so I put buds in sun and forgot about it when I remembered it was super dry.


I would love to have an assortment meds.
Getting to reorder I wonder if they will make a new mix pack since the new strains they got @bob31