First grow SD AK and BG


The SD is 10 days older and the other 2 is just starting to sprout


Hey guys iam trying to load a pic. But not up to par with stuff like this.
I germ. 3 seeds i got from ilgm 1 is a sour d , 1 AK 47’ and a Bubble Gum.
Will be planting outdoors when they are big enough.
No nutes yet when i plant in groung will mix bat poop,worm cast and perlite with the soil.
@bob31, @Hawkeye_diesel, @Ragnar, @Nug-bug , @Majiktoker @Countryboyjvd1971 . And anyone else with imput.
Watering with spring water running out from the mountains.


Sounds like a dream come true!

On the pic did you get an error? If using a smartphone you have to wait till the pic is fully uploaded and you can see the link in the typing window.


Sounds like a solid plan @Hunter00
You may need to resize the picture if they are giving a hard time loading
Sometimes I need to back out and close everything on my phone and reload
Looking forward to updates as you move along
Tag me if I can help you with anything
Happy growing :cowboy_hat_face::v:️CB


Will look again. It died as i was loading the pic and tried to plug it up as fast as i could. It is a older smart phone because my kids get all the upgrades.


I’d try it again probably nothing.


I hear you
Let’s have kids it’ll be GREAT LMFAO
Actually it is great but frustrating as well lol


Indeed. Just had my seventh grandchild yesterday. Surpized i have any hair left the oldest is 6


Wow that’s awesome congrats grand daddy


I want to see that ak47😂


I am haveing trouble loading pics but the ak is just sprouting hopefully i will figure this out so i post through out the grow.


Watering with spring water… Makes me wish I still lived in upstate NY where springs were every where… The town I grew up in had spring water running to every home with no additives or anything until about 5 years ago. Bet the plants love it though. They’ll be extra crystally for sure because of the love (:


Dont have a ph tester so i thought it would be best to use spring water


What do you need an input on


Hey Hunter, if you do all what you said you will, then dont worry about PH or anything else, give them little morning sun and water, they be happy until harvest…
Just dont mess it up with other bottled nutes ( organic or not) the soil could start salts build up then you gotta be fooling with ph and deficiency this, excess that…forget it …put it in the ground and let it do its thing, just check for pests…

Happy growing brother !!!

Btw maybe you should check the spring water PH just to be sure its not too extreme…
Congrats Granpa, my wife is 4 days past due date on our 3rd child, a girl again, yep Iam 51 years old in 2 weeks…



Highly recommend you check your pH. Spring water Ive seen well over 7 and as low as 6 depending on where it’s from.

Congrats on the grandchild I have three myself

Early congrats @Ragnar ! That awesome for both you guys


@Ragnar Lol. I hear ya! My wife wants a 3rd and I’m 49… :flushed:


25 and still no children… Thank the Lord lol


Yeah, I hear ya brother :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Here goes late night diapers,feedings,and good bonding time with new baby.