First grow, root rot

I’m growing four autos in a 4x5 tent with four 5gal reservoirs. I have a 600w hid light, and I’m using flora trio with calmag and hydrogaurd. I’ve done so much reading, but somehow didn’t take light leaks in a reservoir seriously enough. My ladies are 20 days old and gorgeous. I just did a complete reservoir change two days ago and noticed my roots were twisting and each plant had a small brown spot. Fast forward to today and I know it’s root rot, it’s gotten much worse, but it still seems save-able… I hope. I’ve corrected the environment, eliminating light leaks and lower the tent and water temps to 71-74 degrees. My ph is 5.7 in all buckets. Now that they stand a better chance, do I need to do another complete reservoir change to get some of the bacteria out of the water? Do I just give them time? Leaving them sit in their root rot carrying water seems wrong, but changing their reservoir again after such a short time seems scary. What is next?? Thank you thank you for your time!


If you can get it closer to 68 it would be better. Won’t hurt anything to change the water out again. I recommend bottled water frozen to help bring temperatures down.
Would also recommend some hydroguard to add to you system. @peachfuzz is also a helpful hydro grower. He’s usually poking around. If I missed anything.
Happy growing.


Do you have a fan blowing directly on them…?
A circulating fan isn’t such a problem , but a stationary fan blowing directly on them can cause the leaf cupping…
That’s why I asked…
Also what size air pump and air stones are you using…?
As stated above , 68 degrees water temps would be much better…
If your worried about root rot , you could empty all buckets and clean buckets and add only 3 gallons of water with 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide to each bucket and the way that you want to administer the 3 gallons of solution is to pour it through the net baskets and then let them sit in that solution for 24 hours and then dump and add freash water and nutrients…
After that oxygen and water temps will be the things to watch…


The green buckets let in alot of light, black em out