First Grow, ready to germinate, need to know if I have what I need

First wanna say thanks to everyone for helping me get this far!
Here’s my final set-up:

Vivosun 2.7’x2.7’x5’ grow tent
HLG 300 RSpec 270w
AC Infinity 6” fan/filter combo

Amnesia Haze auto from ILGM
Planning to grow 2 plants

Was planning to use FF 70/30 coco/perlite mix or Roots Organic coco mix w/mycorrhizae
(Not sure if I need to amend the RO, want ease of use, so if so, will go w/FF)

My plan is to use Rapid Rooters and germinate straight to 5 gal fabric pot

On nutes:
GH Flora trio
PH up/down kit

Neem Oil spray
Do I need mosquito bits?

Like, I imagine, all of us on our first grow, nutes are what I am most intimidated by. Would Bergmans or Jacks123 be better(easier)? Powder instead of liquid?

Wanna drop these bad boys in a week!


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Go with Jacks 321. Easy to use, very effective, and not near as salty as some of the products out there.

Ditch the neem oil and go with Capt Jack’s Deadbug. Neem oil cannot be used during flowering.

I wouldn’t mix soil and coco. They are each managed very differently from a pH and watering perspective.


Is the RO a coco/soil mix?
Definitely not into that! So I guess the FF would be ideal?


Would this be all the nutes I’ll need? (For awhile!)

The PH up/down kit
Spray you recommended

Do I still need silica, mykos, calimagik or anything else?

Cal mag is necessary for most fertilizer products. Jacks 321 has calcium in it, so Epsom salt is necessary when using Jacks 321.

Silica and mykos are helpful, but not mandatory. Trichomes are made of silica, so silica is pretty important.

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Seems like silica is just smart and can’t harm anything, am I correct?
So yes on the cal mag?
And I was looking at the Jacks “kit” for city tap water which has epsom salts.
Just want to make sure that I have everything .
How about the mykos?

Seems like Jacks is pretty idiot-proof compared to some others. The other option I considered was Canna Coco.
Here’s a pic of what I was thinking:
If I went with Jacks and the 70/30 FF coco mix with the cal mag instead of the Canna Coco and their A&B nutes would that cover me?

Oops, lol

Here is the Jacks tap water “kit”
This w/cal-mag and silica?

It overcomplicates things. You don’t need all that stuff. All you need is Jacks Part A and Part B with Epsom.

Epsom and silica.


Much cheaper! Thanks so much!
So Jacks a&b
Epsom salts
Jacks pest spray
FF 70/30
Smart pots


If you plan on using coco, find an expandable, washed, non-buffered brand. CannaCoco makes a great product. With coco, you have to feed every time. No plain waterings. FF brand coco (coco loco I’m guessing) is loaded with nutes already. Coco growing is a lot easier when you start with a clean slate. @MidwestGuy guy gave you some great advice.

You will need Silica as well. Mix this first, and mix well. Then Jack’s. A plus growing in coco with Jack’s A&B nutrients, for me, is using distilled/RO water, and mixing silica then Jacks at the proper ratios, my pH lands exactly where I need it.

So, from the beginning, expand the coco using your nutrient solution. Using Jack’s, it’s the same ratio, every feeding, start to finish. Easy peasy!

Hope this helps! Good luck and happy growing!


You’re in really good hands here. I’m in support of what MidwestGuy and Borderryan are sharing.


It’s the FF Cultivation Nation 70/30 rather than the coco loco.
So even with Auto’s I should feed every watering rather than alternating? How about halving the or even 1/3rd’ ing (?) the strength?


It looks like just coco and perlite on their website, so I’d start feeding 1/2 strength to see if they like it.


Coolio! I was kicking myself because the whole reason I avoided the FFCL was because it was already “nuted”.
So, sorry if I’m being redundant, but if I’m already dialing back the nutes as is, why would I want to feed every day instead of the alternating w/just water method?
Is there a “build up” of nutrients w/o the alternating? Or do I still do a water-only once a week or something?

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So it sounds like I should feel good about just getting jacks a&b, Epsom salts and silica for my nutes?

My best friend and I are doing our first grow at the same time. We’re in MN, so, kind of been a plan. Only a couple blocks apart so a lot of working together. He’s set on GH flora. (Same medium), and he got some eBay 2 fer deal on the flora series w/cal-mag & silica and gave me the second set.

But Jacks sounds like it is just: take PH, add up/down if necessary, water w/1/2-ish strength jacks a/b/es mixture for growth stage, til 20% run-off.

I’m guessing GH is similar, except liquid, but so many ppl say they really like jacks. Can’t recall a single negative, really. Plenty of ppl just happen to prefer another, but not “anti” jacks or whatever. I’m just most concerned with which nutes give consistency good results and are easy. I imagine I’m not the only one of this kind, lol.

Either way, I’d still feed every time, though? Or is that Jacks-specific?

Canna coco is very user friendly. If buying the bricks they have nifty packaging to expand them in. I use it for my clones / seedlings. Although they claim it to be pre washed and buffered, I still add cal mag to the water I expand the bricks with to be safe. As @MidwestGuy said, don’t mix coco with soil, it will give you endless headaches. Choose either one or the other. There’s a really handy site explaining the do’s and fonts for growing in coco, called coco for cannabis. Check it out


Oh and sorry, where’s my manners?? Welcome to the community!!


Welcome to the community!
Hey I also was given bottles of GH from a friend (and a tent and a purple tent heater).
Flora series looks like a bother, I got the other one Floranova 2part easy stuff n I like it


Lol. yeah, I’m not sure why he is so hung-ho on GH.

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