First grow questions


First timer. Bought your seeds all sprouted! AK auto flower and some Golden thread.Started 4 of each. Grow room 3ft x 4ft x 6ft high. 600 watt light.Growing in soil. Temp has been a little high but I think they are almost ready for transplant. Am I going to have a problem with 2 different strands. Was planning on a scrog or LST.


You may you may not research environments on the 2 strains and see if environmental needs are the same


For what it’s worth I am doing the same thing. I’m doing sour diesel and strawberry kush, I am also doing Scrog. The only real issues I have is the diesel grew faster and larger than the kush so diesel called the timing of going to flower. If I do this again with the two strains I will start the kush about 3 weeks before starting the diesel so they are about the same size going into flower.

The other issue I see is that they are going to finish at different times, not a big deal but the kush is about 2 weeks from finishing (I think) and diesel is closer to 4.

Good luck and keep us posted on progress!


My logic that sometimes comes into question was. The AK auto can be under lights longer and will flower than the golden thread. About the time the AK is done I will start the GT flowering. Sometimes I think to much but this is fun. I see growth ever day. Love this site and wish I had more room too try stuff. looking into some additional LED lights. Need to get heat under control.


To try new stuff or “experiment” get more than 1 plant of the same strain leave one alone and use one as an experiment plant, just a thought


Lots of information on lights. I have 600 watts of light giving off lots of heat. I’m looking at CFL and LED to supplement without the heat. Like to do this without spending 100’s. Just need to help current light. Any suggestions


You can supplement the 600 watt light with two 4ft T5-T12 lights you can get them closer with out burning, and they won’t burn also puts off less heat


Running a 600 watt HPS you going to have to vent the heat , are you will run into problems later , but to key is to try to manage temperature around 72 degrees to 82 85 at the highest , but high temps make stale hot dry air and that is not good , plus it cause you to water more often , you gone have to vent the hot air and bring in fresh cooler air for your plants to thrive .


Hooked up exhaust fan with carbon filter and a cold air intake temp down to 80f.Also moved ballast outside box. Things are better going to take a bit to gauge how this works out. Getting ready to transplant. Planning on using merical grow potting mix but am reading a lot about coco mix. Any suggestions? Also looking at ordering some fertalizer from RB but am unsure. Reading a lot about over fertalization. How good is this? At this time I measure soil and water PH trying to keep it at 6.5. I do not have the ability to measure fertalizer in ppm at this time. Extra lights ordered M. Thx


If you use miracle grow soil use moisture control, over fertilization will kill a plant faster than underfertilization, so if you go with fertilizers if any than choose carefully.


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Yes moisture control dirt that protects against over and underwatering, that is legitimately the only miracle grow product I use other wise I don’t trust it nor would I advise using any miracle grow nutrients


Blaster, the thing you need to keep in mind and this should have been brought up is that doing a sog with two or even three different Strains is short of a miracle if you ask me. Because an auto is kinda preprogrammed to flower. She will flower when she is ready there is no telling…
I would stick with the same strain of auto to do a sog.



Good morning , how are you doing buddy?
And how are your ladies doing ?
Just though I wound stop in and say hello



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Thank you. Well you sound chipper today m.I am doing better.
Thats great that your grow is doing so well.
I took a few samples of each of the three strains im going to be harvesting next week



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I was only going to do 1 strain AK Auto but when I bought the seeds the offer for the Golden came up and I went for it. I am going to make a lot of mistakes.First time grower. Got my notebook. Only been at this a month but already see lots of changes coming for next time. As far as Miracle grow I have had no issues with starting tomatoes but they would be transplanted outside in soil. For indoor lifelong plant growth I don’t know. Looking for alternatives or I’ll just try the MG and see what happens. I’ll post some pics next week.


Yeah a cheap calendar and keep plenty notes , it’s a good journal to follow and figure out where things go wrong .


Sorry blaster I should have checked first. I most alway do.
By the way Welcome to ILGM after swhile im sure youyouwill feel right at home here.vthe fokes in here are great snd very understanding.
But ya like Yoshi said keep s journal for future reference.