First Grow questions 300w LED in a 160x60x120cm grow tent


Just to clarify, i run them on 24 hours for the first few days or untill they have a reasonably strong stem, then switch to 18/6 then suss out the growth rate of my plant and decide wether or not to top. Once they start to flower, switch to bloom and change to 12/12?

If you’re talking about the bloom switch on light, I’d run both switches at first sign of flower. Also, another reason I get monster autos is because a lot of folks switch to bloom nutes at first sign of flower, i continue to use grow nutes with some bloom nutes until the stretch is over. Hopefully this will help you grow monsters as well

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Im starting to see the attraction of autos :wink:

My oldest girl was vegging for 11weeks before flip! I have LST’d her like made tho!

I guess photos are the way to go if you want bigger plants but auto for quicker grow!

Im only on my 2nd grow of photos, im still learning also, what a fun topic to learn, if this was in school, i think i may have actually got a “Pass” :joy::joy:

I have a plant that is under 30w led and is 9 weeks and covers in buds and pistols.white but still pistols first grow and just to see how little light you can use. 5 dollar light. Not bad so far for my second grow

When you say untill after the stretch, do you just cut ‘grow’ out completely? Which brand do you use?
Im using biobizz from soil to nutes and the schedule says to use ‘grow’ right through flower but at a smaller dose, does that sound about right or should i cut it out also at the end of the stretch?

Does that wattage not cause light airy buds?

Im all for cheap but if it effects the end product is it really worth it? Im not saying it doesnt work i am curious!
Could we see a pic? Or if you have a journal tag me in please :slight_smile:

I found it no worries :ok_hand:

Will send pic. This is just a test for my self for entertainment and to see what works and doesn’t work. I have no journal I don’t think. As I say just a test on cheap seed, light, soil, nuts. Have you tried grow caps

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Aaah ok an experiment, i like those :slight_smile:
Yes you do have one, i have just commented on it!
Which strain, brand of nutes, soil? Iv gone the cheapest i can with that also but the lights were the most costly for me and i still want to upgrade :wink: more money!

I cant say i have tried grow caps, can you please explain?
P.s its still very much illegal here in the UK!!

Are you UK as well? A pack of Growcaps contains all of the nutrition required to grow 1 plant from seedling to harvest in an 11 litre pot. All you need to do is water it – with 30% less water then you are used to and let Growcaps do the rest!

Growcaps contains capsuled polymers.
Does NOT stick to roots!

Email then and get five free packs in 10 days. Pound shop nuts, £3 seed and garden soil, and 8 litre pot. All good and cheap only 9 weeks old.

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I use general hydroponic flora trio, i follow their schedule, just tweek

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Hit the wrong button. I just tweek it a bit

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Indeed i am, unfortunately :joy:

I have never heard of growcaps :confused: i will defo get on to google for that!
I am following along on your journal so look forward to seeing the end results :ok_hand:

Ahh ok, so i thought that was for hydro grows, obviously i was wrong & naive!! I went with biobizz as i could get it all on the bay for fair decent price!
I shall just tweek mine alittle too, they are eating more and only been in flower a week!

You can use it in soil but I’m a coco grower myself

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Can you send me this link so I can find my journal ( I think I was stoned when set up) please m8?

:joy: aint we all! Lol i will tag you over to it