First grow questionnaire

I think your doing just fine. @beardless has helped me germinate great guy. @dbrn32 is the king of lighting. @Covertgrower is the guy I ask about outdoor. @Silverback just wants to help and has become quite knowledge very quickly. We are all here when you need help. There’s also a very few more I trust @repins12 @Enlightened420 @zee @Hellraiser @Bulldognuts all probably better than me but eager to help.


You’re bending rules, I respect it. @SKORPION said, you are in trusted hands, but I get a hunch you know what you’re doing :slight_smile:

If you don’t already, get a small fan blowing on the top of the girls, like a gentle breeze on them, get that root and stem growth really growing.


I don’t know everything that’s why I threw out the tags. Building an army better than just me.


@SKORPION you’re a really cool guy, forgive me for having a few beers, but you have a way of making friends with everyone, and in doing so you help everyone.


Yea for sure I just think the more knowledge you get from different people that pretty much makes you a mutt of info​:rofl::sunglasses:


Hey a technique I use may not work for you different genetics or stain or conditions. That why it’s good to hear from many growers.


This is my current everything should I turn the ac off at night? It’s suppose to be 66 tonight so what would you recommend?

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I don’t if it was outside it would have temperature changes too. That’s why i mention a dome a controlled enclosed environment.

It was 80 in there before I turned the lights off

What’s your concern too high a temp. Because even at 80 your temp is Prime.

Yea I don’t know what the exact medium is for the temp so I’ve been trying to keep it right around 70-80

That’s optimal but you can handle fluctuations I won’t lie mine runs closer to 90.

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Ok good I just don’t want to burn them lol

EST time zone, respect it. IMO, I’d turn it off, see how the girls react. The less swing in environment, the more stable.


What should the humidity be around give or take?

Again mine fluctuates 45 day 70at night. Not optional at this point just my area and conditions. But I have grew outdoors for years and never had a issue.

I drop from low 30s to med 40s on a daily basis. I don’t have any issues. In Carolinas if that helps you

I’m in Michigan so it will be pretty hot in the morning but I think I will just leave it off for the night because this is what it’s staying steady with right now since I turned it off

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Sounds good try it if it doesn’t work make small changes but remember they grow out door so temp , humidity , water they all change outdoors so relax.

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Thanks for the kind words my friend, you humble me.
Tag away, anytime you need me :v: