First grow - question in miscoloration

Pineapple Express auto, day 55 - noticed a few leafs look like the attached photo - no other plants seem to be having this issue. Ideas?


I’m assuming nute burn - I’m growin in a local shops super soil and only been giving cal mag once a week - water always ph 6.5

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I am not a leaf expert. BUt I would guess it is either hungry. Mine just did that from getting water ony for a week. Or possibly a ph issue. You didn’t say where the leaf was either. Up top or on the bottom near the soil.
The link @Caligurl posted helps a lot also :grin:

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How about a pic of the whole plant, please. Leaves come and go as a plant matures. It’s impossible to identify problems correctly with a pic of just one leaf.

The support ticket info requested above by caligurl will help us to help you identify what the problem(s) might be.