First grow purple haze


What was the difference, it’s usually more along the lines of leaf production unless you’re looking for extremely squat plants. Otherwise there’s no real reason to be colder than 4000k if you have reasonable intensity.


What’s the size of space you’ll be working in? Long narrow not a problem.


Like 1.25x4.5 so I need to customize it


All being the same age, the 2 on the left were under 6500k and the right were 2700k

Thought it made a difference in that stage is all


Certainly looks that way from that standpoint anyway. Same light source on both just different cct? Also, any differences in height and amount of nodes?


Just to veg right? That’s piece of cake, 1120mm strips are 44” long. That’s just about end to end coverage and modest current like 3 eb strips would be plenty.


The 2 were under one 65w 6500k and the 3 were under four 27w 2700k.
I didn’t really pay attention to nodes. I think they were just a little taller and healthier looking (greener, fatter)


Gotcha. The greener/healthier part could and almost appears to be a nutrient issue. I guess it’s just not a clear indicator of plant development is what mean. 2700k is really pushing it in blue/red ratio too, without getting into something considered a little more specialty I usually don’t even recommend that warm for flowering. The effects of blue light are pretty well documented for vegging plants so I would never dismiss that. I was just wanting to point out that there’s no reason for us to choose between 2700k and 6500k anymore, especially with leds. 3500k is about even as far as light distribution goes. Warmer leans toward red and colder is blue dominant. Even for a light that will absolutely be nothing more than a veg light, not really any need to go as cold as 6500k.


So basicly 3000k or 3500k does it all …cuz I found 50w 6500k


dang those sammies are expensive! I paid $7.50 ea for 560mm Bridgelux EB2 3500K


Same here.


Expensive yes but that’s a double row Samsung. It’s at least triple the light of a bridgelux in the same length. So it works out about the same.


Funny I was thinking @Redeyedranger daaayumm , this man knows his shistuff :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hey fano if it’s any encouragement, I built and hung mine just before I went into flower. Trust me, if I survived, you will too!! :grin::grin:


Yea I’ve been researching all day I’m going with 9 560 eb 3500k for my veg cabinet


My measurements have been screwed up all day lmao I hate metric … going g with 5 1120s final anwser


3 - 4fts maybe 48 x 6 plate do u wanna do the @DoobieNoobie @GreenJewels kinda strip aluminum thing? (show off boys n girls)

That’ll def veg whatever u want either way.

Anyway it works out consult do before purchases n draw whichever. I used a plate but a lot of strips (veg n flower light, think kinda redeyeish)


I’m gonna do a frame for sure


He’s seen mine enough to know. :blush:


Then all u need is the right driver. N part numbers?