First grow purple haze


Thank you @OldSchoolGrower appreciate your support :+1:


Everything looks amazing, as always.


Nice man I like your effencient yet elaborate posts always love seeing mini Christmas tree farms


Just great work as always bro. U gotta serious green thumb and keep getting better. Effing mountains of bud dude


Hey @dbrn32 which way would you wire this

I think it’s #2 since the strips in the middle are more sparse than those on the ends but I’m not sure


I’m not sure what you’re asking? From pic it looks like using positive on one end vs negative on the same end?


Got my light up and raised my scrogs a few feet. No more crawling and a little over 400 more watts :laughing:
I’ve only got about a days worth left from my last harvest so I’m taking a cola from the right tonight. She’s on day 69 and still has a few days to go. Once I get her down I can clean this clusterf*ck up


It works :+1:
I did the other 2 like #3 and had all the strips facing the same direction which I think was wrong buto this one is right


Oh, I see what you were asking now. It doesn’t really matter which way they face. I usually place them all in the same direction for wiring in series. You can keep wiring from crossing leds that way.


dayum son those are some serious plate fixtures! do they flex in the middle?


Thanks @hangthebanksters
No they don’t flex much maybe a 1/2 inch
They’re 3/16" thick so there’s not a lot of give but some.


Nice man you dropped a pretty penny on all that huh… did you make entire light from scratch… if so where did you find the cheapest strips and know of any discount codes or suppliers that got what I’ll need to make one of those cheap as possible maybe not a 28 strip board I’m just trying to make a small veg light probally 8 to 10 strips I want 250 watts + vegging and I’m probally gonna move to 600watt hps for flower because I’m constantly battling heat with my Frankenstein 3 fixture bull shit … dont get me wrong it works but 3 fixtures worth of heat in a 11 sq foot space is no fun that will drop me 175 watts on 12 12 so that w
Offset 136 I had in there with the 250 qb I’ll be at exactly same watts pretty much with waaaaay more efficiency … 600 hps vs 400hps,150hps,175mh =725 watts but much less penetration ,lower par, more heat not sure on lumens … order this just popped into my head… @dbrn32… what do you think of 2 315cmh over 1 600hps… I can control heat so I’m looking for best flower option


Chances are you’re not needing as much power as you think for a veg light if going with a strip build. If you can hit 15 watts per square foot with anything decent will veg very well.

I think you’d have more success with two 315’s over a single 600 for sure. You’d be running a little more power with a more efficient light and light spectrum.


I’ve gone with Arrow both builds. They were the only one I could find that was semi easy to navigate their site and had relatively cheap and IN STOCK products. Found some elsewhere but min was 50 others were months lead time etc.

If you just google coupon codes for "whatever company you want’ there will be several ways to find a dicount.

For the part #s and product ID I’d have to hand you off to @dbrn32


Thanks man got xmas and tax season comming so gotta get my list and check it twice


Making the jump Fano? Ur in good hands


Taggin @dbrn32 to make sure but I found these @ Arrow

I couldn’t find 6500K but the two up there are 5000K and 5700K

Of the 2 drivers the one in stock is the c700a which means you won’t have a dimmer option

I think that driver runs 14 strips no matter the temp color so…
$46.60 + ($7.51 x 14)=$151.74
-15% coupon=
About $130
For now there’s about a $40 tariff but that could change depending on what trump does with the Chinese on trade


Redeye is DB is the light doc. Guess that makes u the light nurse?


Naw not even close. It’s almost the exact same a as mine and I JUST did it so…


Hey yall!
I ordered seeds from ILGM on the 3rd, order confirmed on the 4th, and got my seeds early this morning the 7th!