First grow purple haze


How hard do you want to run them? You can go up to 100 watts if you get those big ass splayed pin sinks. Last I seen you had to get them from China though. If you go rapid led 140mm pin sinks I think you can go 4 vero 29c per hlg-320h-c1050a.


Okay so (3)hlg-320h-c1050a about $90 each and (12) vero29c-is there a universal part #?
and some heat sinks $20 each
This sound right?

…I’m thinking maybe 2 instead of 3 for now


Okay I think I’m close

This the right one?
I have no idea what I’m doing


Looks about right.

Ya it definitely won’t be cheap. If you’re not working with a major discount code or anything, you could even do one now. The heatsinks run about $20 and you’ll need 1 per cob.

Do you want the 2700k specifically?


I thought it would be best for flower but I’m flexible
Don’t know what’s up with the 10k Flux indicator?
If these are so much more expensive are they better than the lights I have? Or would it be best to build the same one?


I’m out. Talk to ya tomorrow


Sorry, trying to kids to bed at same time. Where it says 10k in example, that would be a nominal reference to luminous of flux of said led. In this case, that’s the identifying part of part number that says it’s a 29mm cob, or the vero 29. The vero 18 that’s same color temp, cri, and so on will have a 400 there I think. Which signifies it’s a 4000 lumen cob.

However, not every vero 29 will have flux of 10,000 lumens. Some may be lower and others will be higher. Luminous flux varies a lot based on light spectrum because of how it’s measured. It’s one of the main reasons luminous flux not as important in horticulture lighting. It’s completely possible for an led with a lower luminous flux to have a higher photosynthetic photon flux.

I’m not exactly sure who has the lowest price on the vero 29 right now. But you can usually build cobs for around $1 per watt too. You figure per 4 cobs it’s $90 driver, $80 in heatsinks, and $100 in 4 cobs. You score a 10% code and you’re at about $250 for that stuff. Another $50-$70 for aluminum, connectors, wire, and thermal compound and you’re in the neighborhood of $300 for about 300ish watt light.

A lot of times the best deal lies in who has what in stock, and/or who pops a good discount code. Arrow ran 30% off over the summer, by that a $1000 build is now $700. Pretty rare though.

Not sure how pricing would work out on using some of the double row Samsung f series, but arrow had them priced well. The 1120mm version is like a 100 watt strip. You need an $18 piece of heatsink to go with them. Hlg-320 will run 3 of them. I’m guessing still about $1 per watt


Im just here :popcorn::eyes::exploding_head::popcorn: :eyes::exploding_head: o and thanks again DB.


i love everything about this post.
those purple trichs, the mass of flowers. the pipe. or bubble pipe?

i love it all. thank you. you made my day


I went with the same light
Arrow bill for 26 bxeb and 2 hlg-185h-c700a was 338.54 after 15%off coupon and plus $50 tariff,
thanks Trump
So it’s about the same 400w for $400


You shorted yourself 2 strips, I think. And still have cost of aluminum, wiring, connectors, and tape right? All things considered they usually work out to be reasonably close if you’re careful purchasing. Glad you got a discount code too!


Yeah that’s a typo. I got 28. Thanks for your help again man. Hopefully see ya on the other side in a couple days :wink:


Ok cool! I’ll be there, or here, so however it works out lol…


@basementstealth thanks bro. I’m in awe of your mainline auto. I think its killer. Next time with a photo you should get 1 or 2 more feet and fatter buds.


@spyonyou did that link for you?


deeply bowing… my humble thanks ranger. uve been with my grow since the beginning. im excited to see her tomorrow. ive been away since Friday morning


Saturday December 1
Days from flip
Left 44
Right 65
Closet 38

New light supplies should be here tuesday :exploding_head: Right looks done with the naked eye. It’s all yellowed out and all the pistils are amber except for a few foxtails. Left is getting fatter by the day.

I pulled all the ladies from the closet and trimmed em up pretty good. I didn’t take all the fans but I got most of the big ones. Still can’t tell :roll_eyes:


Hoping to harvest the right, set the new light up, and move the closet girls to the flower room within a week. Then I can use the closet to veg my 2 bagseed indicas.

Trichs from yesterday. Need to hurry. Got some Bud Candy coming tomorrow

Just waiting on an email invite for the lab and I’ll be joining some of you over there. Yay!

Until I think of something else :v:


Sweet! Plants look great, seems like you’re on top of everything too.


@Redeyedranger I haven’t had time to even check it yet. We have had family in town and have had to entertain this weekend. I’ll try it maybe tomorrow sometime. Appreciate it so much! :sunglasses:


Plants look fabulous. In total awe of them. Love the colors…