First grow purple haze


Thanks @raustin. Should I put them under cfls when the big girls go to bed you think? I didn’t want to stretch em you know? But I don’t want them to flower if they’re photos…


If they’re autos then they can have as much light as you want. Your PPM sounds good.


Naw he’s not using Autos I don’t think but yeah cfls for an hour or two on the front or back or the middle will keep em green and growing if you know what I mean


Well are you scroging them as well then don’t you guys like stretch y’all scroggers


Got any pics from underneath your monster scrog? That’s one of the biggest scrog I’ve ever seen indoors! How long did you veg @Redeyedranger?


Thanks @Drillbit I’ll try after work :wink:


Runnin out of room again so IDK
thinkin about another light…


Bro you have the place and experience to do what I’ve been thinking about doing with the screen of green do a screen of green on a plant but tilt the pot on its side so the plant has to grow out of the pot sideways get the screen of green going good then fasten it to the wall and leave the bucket on the ground take the hood off your lights maybe add another one wait you have a QB well someone with the bulb take the hoods off and have a damn screen of green trelis going up the walls I bet it could be done and how much would it hurt to try really you would solve your space problem if it Works be a pioneer



what about a deep bowl shape with a hps or mh hanging down in the center…


V-scrog is designed to make use of the parabolic light dispersal of hps lights. Don’t go as high up the sides, and you don’t need the additional lights.


YES!! That’s awesome giphy


Tuesday November 20
Days from flip
Left 33
Right 54
Closet 27
Same stuff
4x4 SoG




Got new nutes still trying to dial them in

3 of the Monstercropped clones have rooted and need to be transplanted along with the 2 bag seed babies today so I’ll be busy

I can only upload pics during the day so I’ll try that if I’m home


Hell yeah bro good stuff man that scrog is above and below the screen thick :+1::+1:




Thanks guys
Got the transplant done. Not real pretty but it’ll work for the moment


Things are looking real nice on your grow! how far above the canopy are your fixtures?


Nice root porn!


Thank you @hangthebanksters they’re 20" from the scrog tops


Looking good! I like the chain link fence scrog. I seen bud brother has that to. Seems like it’ll last longer than string.