First grow purple haze


I used a little over 1/2 what I made I’ll let ya know


whenever I make budder I dont do a separate decarb process as the heating process in simmering the herb in the butter does decarb it so its a wasted step IMO and my budder is definitely potent


I’ve been using a pressure cooker, lately. I usually only worry about decarbing for tinctures.


I just ate one brownie @ around 130 mg on an empty stomach so we’ll see what happens


Do yall have problems loading pics or is it my phone? If it does upload it takes forever


My internet is really slow, so it takes up to 3 or 4 minutes to upload a pic.


No luck here. Says uploading for 2 or 3 minutes and goes to about 77% then goes blank


Haha hows that buzz doing for ya?


So I tried to update but that’s the only pic that’ll load. Been trying for about 15 minsfor the others but its not happening right now. That’s the closet day 19 from flip.

I didn’t feel anything from the brownie so I guess I’ll eat 2 tomorrow and see what happens


Try it on an empty stomach.

Also, what temp did you bake it at?

I made a batch of budder & brownies today, myself. I used only very old trim & sugar leaves…no bud at all. 5 oz of trim to 1/2 cup of clarified butter. I made 16 brownies, baked at 300F, for 35 minutes. Got nice and high.


I baked em @325 for 35 minutes. I ate 2 an hour ago but I smoke 24/7 so I can’t tell. I can hardly tell when I’m high from smoking either. If it weren’t for the multiple times I go go off on focused tangents and exclude the outside world I wouldn’t know I smoked… other than the coughing lol!


That’s why I need strong edibles, too! Lol! If they’re not strong enough to break through my smoke high, they’re not strong enough.


Tuesday November 13
Days from flip
Left 26
Right 47
Closet 20
Trimmed a bunch of top leaves on the left


The right is is still pale but otherwise truckin right along


thumb Looking great


I’ll second that, really nice grow.


@Redeyedranger your like me im impatient and I smoke 24/7when u eat an Eddie it will take a good 2+ hours to hit so wake up first thing eat a brownie and don’t smoke


Too late @fano_man but thanks I’ll try tomorrow :wink:


Okay so I dropped 2 bag seeds about 8 was ago and have been trying to keep them small til I can sex em and move them in and out of the flower room but they’re showing pistils but no calyx. Does this automatically mean they’re shes?

Also I’ve been putting them in the flower room for 10-12 hrs a day then moving them into the living room at night and a few hrs in the morning so they only get very partial daylight and light from the TV. Is it an auto or is it a photo?


It’s definitely a she, so congratulations. If she’s on 12/12 lighting then I can’t really tell if it’s an auto or photo. Then again, if she’s getting another light source then I would think she must be an auto.


Also switched nutes the other day to AN pH perfect. Following instructions works out to about 2Tbls of each (micro-grow-bloom)for 2 gallons of water throughout the grow. The ppms on just these base nutes is 1250+400 (tap)=1650. This sound right?