First grow purple haze


Process butter first make batch of it the use said butter in brownies recipie… A little extra won’t hurt… I like them to be stupid strong like not for the non smoker what soever


Make budder, then put that in your brownies. You can use decarbed & ground herb, if you want, but the texture & flavor might be off.

Some people even make a sort of flour from decarbed herb.

Whatever is easiest, tastiest, and the most potent for your needs…do that. :grinning:


Thanks @fano_man and @blackthumbbetty
Betty you were the one that did butter in a pressure cooker right?
I just got one and would like to try it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I have an extremely high tolerance for smoking so how much should I use?


I used 1.5 oz to 2/3 cup of clarified butter, last time. Next time, I plan on using 2 oz to 2/3 cups of clarified butter, making up to 60 servings each, ~150mg thc per serving.


@blackthumbbetty part of your instructions read:
then put lids on just slightly looser than if you were canning something. Place trivet or towel on bottom of pressure cooker,

I’ve never canned so just twist it tight?
Also how much is a serving and how many servings do I take at once? Gonna do 2 Oz and 2/3 cup.
I take it that screening it is just a personal preference?

Thank you 4 your time :kissing_heart:


Twist it closed, then back off a bit. You don’t want it tight-tight. You want the pressure to be able to escape the jar, while at the same time keeping moisture from entering the jar.


I highly recommend straining it, for best flavor & texture. It’ll also spoil faster if you leave the left over green matter inside the butter. But, yes, you don’t HAVE to strain it.


Sorry to keep bothering you :confounded:
Did you decarb it before putting it in the jars?
And I couldn’t find clarified does it matter?


Yes, definitely decarb. Can you find coconut oil? You can use regular butter, but that has less fat than coconut oil. You can also make your own clarified butter.


Hey me again :roll_eyes:

  1. Lightly grind the herb, divide it evenly between 2 pint mason jars, add melted ghee, stir & crunchit thoroughly, then put lids on just slightly looser than if you were canning something

I’m assuming 2/3 cup coconut oil also split btwn the jars in place of the ghee?


Yep. The herb won’t be saturated. You really have to stir it up well before cooking it.


That amount will make 60 chocolates. You can also use it for other things, just watch your doses. Estimate 8400mg thc for the whole batch of cannibudder (assuming a min of 15% thc), if using 2oz of bud.


I imagine a blue m&m in the kitchen whippingg cannabutter like he cooking crack :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Thank you so much @blackthumbbetty
Leave it to me to f up simple instructions. I forgot to melt the coco oil and only used an ounce. Grinding took forever but it’s a cookin

I have no idea about how many mg to take. Should I just use it like a 1:1 for butter?
I’m making brownies and the mix calls for 3 Tbsp. Sound good?


Super focused but really high bro u nailed it :rofl:


An oz would equal 4200mg.

What recipe? That’s less than a 1/4 cup of budder. Most brownie recipes with/without weed use at least 1/3-1/4 cup.


Definitely use it just like regular butter. Figure a batch of brownies makes 12-16 brownies. If you’re only using 1/3 of the budder you made, that means you’re only using 1400mg of thc, total. Divide that by 12-16 and you get over 80-100mg per brownie.


Also, shit…no need to decarb in a pressure cooker. However, if you already decarbed, no big deal: just decrease the cooking time a little.


It’s already done and in the brownies but I’ll know for next time. I sure appreciate all your time and help. Been licking everything for about a half hour now. I think I feel something but I’m also smoking


Keep me posted! :grinning::grinning::grinning: