First grow purple haze


Hey Redeye, how long did you hang dry in the dark or did you?


Best Sativa I’ve ever had and smells amazing. Thanks for asking @fano_man


I had them hanging in the closet in the flower room so humidity was kinda low @ 30 to 45%. The first round I just hung to dry and took about a week. The second I deboned em. I think that’s the right term anyway. I cut all the buds off the stems about the size of a super ball and put them on screens and that took 4 days. Probably could’ve jarred em up after 3 but I was busy. Hope this helps team @spyonyou


Tuesday November 6
Days from flip
Left 19
Right 40
Closet 13


I stopped tucking this one :point_up_2: after 1 week of stretch. The colas are about 4-5" above the fence


I trimmed literally pounds off the closet girls yesterday to improve airflow. Humidity in there is out of control. It’s hard to tell

Made some more clones

voted today
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You, my friend, are going to have some nice tall fat buds! Sweet! :sunglasses:


Wednesday November 7
Days from flip
Left 3 wks
Right 6 wks
Closet 2 wks





B-E-utiful shit! :green_heart:


Mouthwatering. Itll be an interesting comparison with the left vs right screen. Do the bigger buds weight up with the sheer numbers of the flat canopy? One way to find out!!


Now, that’s a SCROG! Great job.


Friday November 9
Days from flip
Left 22
Right 43
Closet 16

Drug these out to water


That weed dungeon is evermore impressive. You get plenty of exercise tending I guarantee that! :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:


Saturday November 10
Days from flip
Left 23
Right 44
Closet 17

Just SCROG porn



You’re killing it! Great job!


i love your fence scrog, good idea.

wow ur flowers are looking fire!


Thank you @raustin but I’m in love with your bush :wink:
Appreciate ya @basementstealth but it wasn’t my idea. I stole it from this forum. Works great IMO


You’re far away from the fire right?


yeah they are all north of me. Thanks for asking!


Cool, it wasn’t you I saw on TV. Glad to know you’re safe


@raustin or anybody else with their ears on. When you make brownies do you put the green in the butter or in the brownies, or does it matter?


Sunday November 11
Days from flip
Left 24
Right 45
Closet 18

Nothing much happening. The one on the right is fading to light green soon to be yellow but she’s still packin on lbs or zips or whatever. Haven’t looked at trichs yet. That’s not my favorite thing to do. I figure 45 - 10 for transition is 35 days. Still should have 3 more weeks so harvest should be on day 66 December 2 and on December 23 and on December 30. So I have a month and a half to sex and veg these little ones

Few flowers

Pulled em all out of the closet to water

My pics are breaking the Internet so I’ll stop there :v: